Thursday, January 09, 2014

I often think about starting this blog up again.
Time says otherwise.
We are well though. Our lives are rich, and full and truly filled with contentment.
Yes. Really.
Not to say there aren't difficulties - but that's not what I choose to focus on.
I serve an amazing God. 
We just finished our first fostering experience, with the little ones being adopted
by someone else in their family. 
We had hoped it to be us - but that was not to be the case.
I trust my God in this one, how else could I get through this otherwise?
We will do it again, fostering - that is. 
How dare I run from the pain? Say, "no Lord, it hurts too much" when this is what He is calling us to?
Walking in obedience is the most amazing place to be.
We would of missed out on so many blessings.
I know theres more to come!
What a rich life I get to live.
I often say it:
Thanks Lord, for letting me live it.

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