Sunday, August 07, 2011

It's been so long......

...that I've forgotten how to post on blogger!!
Just wanted to post a couple of pics of Miss Ellie.....

.....more like Miss Smarty Pants!
This precious girl brings such joy to our lives and hearts.

She's amazing.
                                                                   She loves so much.
                                               She's a little missionary in her own back yard.

  We are truly blessed.
Enjoying our summer and each other here on our farm. So many blessings big (we own a horse now!)
and small (I learned how to make yogurt with our own goat milk!)....okay, that might not
be a blessing to some of you.....
I wish I could get back into blogging, I really miss it.
                                                                          We'll see.

                                                                      My life, that is.

Thank you Lord.


Kristy said...

Okay. I really need to work on posting again - I can't even get the text to align right...sheesh.

Lori said...

Kristy, Ellie is adorable.