Monday, October 03, 2011

A wonderful Life.

A quick visit to our farm........
We are so very blessed to live here.
I never take one day for granted - will you just look at this view...
Our little cornfield!

A beautiful sunset.
Living and loving it all !
If you enlarge this pic, you can see who's looking back at you......

Oh yes, can't forget our sweet goats!
We love these girls so much.
Bet you can't train your goat to walk on two legs now, can you...?
So adorable.
I think Iris is trying to escape......either that or she's pointing out something that we've missed....
Here's Iris again, with her kid " Bailey " who sadly, didn't make it.
We were devastated.
I never knew goats would become such dear pets to us.
all is well and wonderful here.
No, I mean it really, really is.
I serve an amazing, AMAZING God who gives me so much more than I deserve.
I am truly Blessed.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

It's been so long......

...that I've forgotten how to post on blogger!!
Just wanted to post a couple of pics of Miss Ellie.....

.....more like Miss Smarty Pants!
This precious girl brings such joy to our lives and hearts.

She's amazing.
                                                                   She loves so much.
                                               She's a little missionary in her own back yard.

  We are truly blessed.
Enjoying our summer and each other here on our farm. So many blessings big (we own a horse now!)
and small (I learned how to make yogurt with our own goat milk!)....okay, that might not
be a blessing to some of you.....
I wish I could get back into blogging, I really miss it.
                                                                          We'll see.

                                                                      My life, that is.

Thank you Lord.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

All for Him...

"The Ambush of the Birdhouse"

My kids crack me up, I so love watching them play. Listening to their interaction with one another. Laughing with them.
I need to remind myself daily to stop. Enjoy. See. Take in.
Because soon. Too soon.
They will be gone.
I want to live with no regrets.........
Not to say I don't have any - but I'm working to change that.
First off, I used to be the most disrespectful, selfish wife you've ever met.
I bet you can never guess who showed me how rotten I was? Yup.
Second, during that disrespectful/selfish/wife time, I also was a totally 'intomyself' mama.
Always wanting 'me time', acting like I was such the overworked mother.......I would never even get down on the floor to play with them.
Again. God slapped me upside the head.
Have I "arrived?"
Do I get it right all the time.
But I have repented. With Jesus Christ's help I have become a different girl.
What a beautiful gift.
It's like I've been given a second chance!
To be the wife God has called me to be, to be the mama that God has called me to be -what Joy.
So those regrets? They don't weigh me down, I've asked for forgiveness in areas and with each affected person. I've moved on.
The enemy will not use them against me.
Thank you Jesus.

Playing with, and watching them play.
So endearing.

I love these guys so, so much.
(and if God wants to give us more - well, thats a big 'ol WOO HOO from me!) soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior...
Luke 1:46-47
**I want to go into more detail about my story, in a different post......more to come...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love that lasts forever.....

This photo says so much.
I love it.

Can you see the adoration in both of their faces?

Oh my goodness.

This picture has actually made me cry - I just love to stare at
each and every feature......


Without expectation.
Choosing to look past faults.
Seeking to please someone else's heart.


This is the kind of Love that I live.
Only because of Jesus Christ am I able to love this way.
And for that......
I am grateful.
Be Blessed ~
ps. I also have to mention here that I am about to board a plane
and spend a WEEK with the one I love, the most amazing man on
God's green earth........
in Hawaii.
Just the two of us.
To celebrate 20 years of marriage
to the man of my dreams......
Did I mention how blessed I am?