Saturday, December 18, 2010

To take notice.....

...of all that is around me....
The everyday.
The mundane.
The things I hope I never take for granted.
The sweetness of it all.

I choose to live a life of thankfulness....even in the difficult times.
A choice:
To be grateful.
To be thankful.
A choice:
To be content.
To find Joy in each day.

...our home.
Oh how I love this little home.
The cozy, the warm, the love, the laughter......look around you
for a minute (if your at home!) - pick one thing and smile because of it...

...the little pitty paw of bird feet (I just love saying that) in
the snow. Such precious wonder.......

A glorious sunset.
I pray I never, never, EVER take one
for granted.....

....again, same sunset from our back deck.
God does a pretty good job, doesn't He?

....the view from my little living room....
I cannot believe I get to enjoy this view each and everyday...

Oh goodness.
My children.
Please, precious Mom reading this - don't waste these sweet
times with your little ones......don't always look for your
'me' time, stop all your busyness - and be there for your
babies. Don't complain about how hard you have it and wish
your life were different.....
SAVOR each moment.
Cherish each day.
NONE of us are guaranteed tomorrow.
I speak from experience, I used to be that kind of mom.....

Ilovethem, Ilovethem, Ilovethem.....
They make me laugh each and everyday
(even when they're stinkers!)

Best friends.

All children are precious, know why?
God Himself said so.
I want to notice everything, I don't want to miss out on anything.
My husband (oh yes, that yummy man), my children
my God.....
deserve nothing less.
Have a blessed day with all that is around you.
Blessings ~


Keisha said...

Hey SWEET friend! What a Glorious view of the sunset that God was blessed you with each day! That is Beautiful! The kiddos are growing up so fast!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a wonderful post. I feel blessed beyond measure too.
Your view is amazing!
Have a glorious Christmas with your beautiful family :-)

Sharon said...

Love this beautiful post from your beautiful heart!! And Happy 5th to the baby! Bailey was 5 two days later! how could they already be 5?!?!!?!? URG
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Hapopy New year!!!

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Happy Blessed New Year to you:) Thanks for stopping by the other day... I appreciate your comments. It is good to be reminded to slow down and savor every moment with our children; thank you.

Beautiful post and photos and that snow! wow!