Monday, March 08, 2010

Surgery #1 DONE

The day finally arrived last Friday;
Ellie's first hand surgery !

Here is where we spent our time - Shriner's!

And here is where we spent our time...waiting !!
This poor little peanut didn't have her 'turn' (as she calls it), until 3:30!
No food, no drink - all day.
She didn't complain......not once.
Yea - wow.

She was so excited ...........

...and then there came the 'after'. Oh my.
It was rough.
Very rough.
She woke up in recovery screaming and thrashing saying "it hurts"......
There was nothing we could do, they were giving her morphine and telling
me to talk to her in her ear to calm her down.
Then the room got black.
The next thing I know the nurse is sitting me in a chair
and shoving my head between my legs.
All the while I'm hearing her yelling my name.
So, I got up again only to have a chair pushed back under me - and this time they had
my main man (who is my hero by the way) pick her up
and rock her.
The meds finally kicked in and everyone calmed down......
sweet baby girl.

Waking up from the sleep-snore-state-after-the-crazy-recovery-fiasco
in her room to see mom !

(who this time was not going to pass out)

Even Dora got a cast on her arm!

The next morning she was a totally different kiddo - ready to play!
And Shriner's has some COOL play !

Still not herself - this is more pain-medicine-loopiness!

But after being home a couple of days we TOTALLY
are seeing Miss Ellie Bellie Bean come around.....

Yes - the joy of goofiness.
She's back to her silly self!
We are not even needing much in the meds department either!
Thank you Lord.
Thank YOU for praying!!
We totally felt it ~ we are so Blessed.
Until next time....
Blessings ~

Monday, March 01, 2010

Just a quick post..... let you all know that Ellie will be having her first hand surgery this Friday
March 5th at Shriner's.

Please pray for her! Although, she is
about having surgery..........well, we think she won't
be as excited Friday afternoon - when all is said and done!
Thank you so much for continuing to follow our journey
and for praying for our family.
It means more than words could ever say.
We are also on another another journey.....a very, very
exciting one at that.
If you know blogger - you can find my new blog and
read up on what the Lord is doing in this family's life!
Blessings on you all.......