Saturday, December 18, 2010

To take notice.....

...of all that is around me....
The everyday.
The mundane.
The things I hope I never take for granted.
The sweetness of it all.

I choose to live a life of thankfulness....even in the difficult times.
A choice:
To be grateful.
To be thankful.
A choice:
To be content.
To find Joy in each day.

...our home.
Oh how I love this little home.
The cozy, the warm, the love, the laughter......look around you
for a minute (if your at home!) - pick one thing and smile because of it...

...the little pitty paw of bird feet (I just love saying that) in
the snow. Such precious wonder.......

A glorious sunset.
I pray I never, never, EVER take one
for granted.....

....again, same sunset from our back deck.
God does a pretty good job, doesn't He?

....the view from my little living room....
I cannot believe I get to enjoy this view each and everyday...

Oh goodness.
My children.
Please, precious Mom reading this - don't waste these sweet
times with your little ones......don't always look for your
'me' time, stop all your busyness - and be there for your
babies. Don't complain about how hard you have it and wish
your life were different.....
SAVOR each moment.
Cherish each day.
NONE of us are guaranteed tomorrow.
I speak from experience, I used to be that kind of mom.....

Ilovethem, Ilovethem, Ilovethem.....
They make me laugh each and everyday
(even when they're stinkers!)

Best friends.

All children are precious, know why?
God Himself said so.
I want to notice everything, I don't want to miss out on anything.
My husband (oh yes, that yummy man), my children
my God.....
deserve nothing less.
Have a blessed day with all that is around you.
Blessings ~

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Big 5

Our beautiful, fun, spunky
sweet, amazing
turns 5 TODAY !

Oh miss Ellie Grace ~ How we love you.

Thank you Jesus, for the miracle of adoption......
for this baby girl....
for all of your many, many blessings......

Happy Birthday Ellie Grace.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living a life of thankfulness

Do you have a thankful heart?
Do you cherish all that is around you?
Do you live knowing that at any moment......your life could change in the blink of an eye?

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.
James 4:14

I want to live each and every day savoring all that is around me.

As I stared at this photo this morning, my heart was overflowing.
Just by looking at this picture, I am thankful for..... best friend - this precious man that God has given
me whom words alone cannot express my thankfulness for him...
...the joy of sharing laughter...
...the beauty of the sunlight on a warm Fall day...
(have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Fall....don't even get me going there!)
...the beauty of the trees around us....
...remembering the singing of all the birds in those trees...
...the PRECIOUS friends that hosted us and shared such
beautiful hospitality with us......
...the JOY of life.....

And yet, I can go there that place of self-pity, of anger, of all
those feelings and emotions that can so quickly come upon me.....
but, but, but!
I don't have to stay there!!!!!
That is when I am humbled, to get on my knees and know
that I am nothing.

He is my everything.
And I am it's coming......
wait for it...
waaaaait for it:


For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.
Matthew 12:34
Live today, each and every moment, for Him.
Blessings ~

Friday, September 17, 2010

A weekend on the farm......

What is it, you ask??
*think dramatic music

A honey extractor!
And we, having sweet little honeybees that we call our own
(6 hives to be exact)
needed this fine contraption to share some of their honey goodness....

The girl.
Ready to tackle the hives with her dad.....

Seriously cool stuff here.
This knife heats up and removes the wax off the frame

That, my friends, is gold......

.....still more......

..some of the wax....

...then the frames go into the extractor, and get spun around
and around..... it is, here it is....wait for it....say it with me....
**beautiful wild raw honey** just wouldn't be right if we couldn't chew on some of
that honeycomb......

The beautiful end result !
This actually isn't' much - next year we hope to get WAAAAY more.
We were only able to get honey off 2 of our hives this year.
Seriously cool.

On to other cool stuff - my garden fresh dill.....

Drying herbs.......

Tomato goodness.

Sweet Relish, and sweet pickles......

Dill pickles ('member the fresh dill? ooo yea....)

Our home.
Oh my WORD, how I love this little home!
I want to live the rest of my days here.
(it even comes complete with a chocolate Lab on front porch!)

Our latest project: this area is soon to be full of
Blueberry plants!
Very. Very cool.

The main man behind it all.
My hard working handsome dude....oh how I love this guy.....

The kids help in each and every area on this family farm of ours!

How cool is that?

Like I said, we put them kids to work!
We are all so very blessed.
And content.
And full of joy.
And love.
And so very thankful and grateful for all that
The Lord
has done for us!


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I still have a blog??

Just checking in.
'tap tap'
Is this thing still on?
Anyone still here?
Thought I'd say hello by letting Ellie tell you about one of our recent camping trips
to the Oregon coast....
my mom still has issues with getting to her blog
in a timely manner, doesn't she?
anyway - the beach sure is beautiful, huh?

i lova* (*real Ellie word) my family so much.....

here we all are at a cool lighthouse.
dad looks kinda silly....but i sure lova him anyway!

oh yea. and here they are at it again. every time they kiss
i like to say " haaa haaa"
i'm such the stinker

this was cool - look how obedient we are being...
and then theres my dad off scaling a wall......

when they're done with me they just park me.....
(not really!!)

this is my favorite hiding spot...

for anyone that has been following my moms blog - you
will remember our trick camper trailer...
it's pretty snazzy.

thanks for stopping by.
and checking in on us all.

So many Joys to share:
my life
my husband
my children
rain !
Jesus Christ !!!!!
Blessings on you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My family = my Joy

Some of the coolest cats I know.................
I am more than blessed.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Why yes thank you...I am a Princess...

So, I was chosen to be a princess for our local community........
and I have to say.....
hee hee.
I am extremely honored that I get to represent my little town.

It also helps when you get to be on a court with some of the most funnest people EVER.
I am so blessed.
(notice sexy man and I being nerds...)
So next time you see me around and you call me 'princess', you just
might get yourself whacked........kidding.
All is well around here, just a fun,
blessed (oop. said that one already)
oh well, blessed again
summer going on!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I want to be a better blogger.......

....really I do !!!
I'm going to make a serious attempt to post on here WAY more often.
Hold me to it.
I have so many cool things to share on here - my God is so AMAZING.
I'm sure you already know that.
You better.
Okay. Thats all for now - dinner is almost done and I'm going to go feed
my most precious gang that I love bunches and bunches and oodles and oodles...
and I'll stop rambling.

Blessings ~

Monday, March 08, 2010

Surgery #1 DONE

The day finally arrived last Friday;
Ellie's first hand surgery !

Here is where we spent our time - Shriner's!

And here is where we spent our time...waiting !!
This poor little peanut didn't have her 'turn' (as she calls it), until 3:30!
No food, no drink - all day.
She didn't complain......not once.
Yea - wow.

She was so excited ...........

...and then there came the 'after'. Oh my.
It was rough.
Very rough.
She woke up in recovery screaming and thrashing saying "it hurts"......
There was nothing we could do, they were giving her morphine and telling
me to talk to her in her ear to calm her down.
Then the room got black.
The next thing I know the nurse is sitting me in a chair
and shoving my head between my legs.
All the while I'm hearing her yelling my name.
So, I got up again only to have a chair pushed back under me - and this time they had
my main man (who is my hero by the way) pick her up
and rock her.
The meds finally kicked in and everyone calmed down......
sweet baby girl.

Waking up from the sleep-snore-state-after-the-crazy-recovery-fiasco
in her room to see mom !

(who this time was not going to pass out)

Even Dora got a cast on her arm!

The next morning she was a totally different kiddo - ready to play!
And Shriner's has some COOL play !

Still not herself - this is more pain-medicine-loopiness!

But after being home a couple of days we TOTALLY
are seeing Miss Ellie Bellie Bean come around.....

Yes - the joy of goofiness.
She's back to her silly self!
We are not even needing much in the meds department either!
Thank you Lord.
Thank YOU for praying!!
We totally felt it ~ we are so Blessed.
Until next time....
Blessings ~