Saturday, November 07, 2009

Randomness is good, isn't it?

Cause thats what this post is!!

Everyone here is sick - so why not try to get in a quick blog post, since were all
sitting (read: laying) around here doing nothing....


My 4 awesome kiddos.
Oldest daughter cracks me up....she so like me it's scary.....
uh oh.


Heres a taste of farm life for all you city dwellers......big ol ugly Tom Turkey.
As soon as we would come near him, he would get all
foofed up an strut his stuff. He was quite comical.
But Tom had a purpose....oh yes he did......


This actually kinda grossed me out - he filled up
my entire sink!
He would be too big to fit into my oven, so we ended up
making ground turkey out of this.
(I was going to show you an after pic......but uh, lets not...)
Instead., lets go to this.....


True beauty.
(I want her perfect skin!!)
What a doll.
She is such a joy. All 4 of my kids are such joy to my heart.
I love being a mama......(and being married to that handsome dude of mine too...)
Hope you all are well.
Be blessed.


Lori said...

That is a very big Turkey. Your family is perfect.

Rachelle said...

Love all the pictures! Hope you all feeling better soon. You could gross out some city slicker bloggy friends, when they find out where that Thanksgiving bird comes from : )
Have a Blessed month!!
Hey, I am on FB now, are yo??

Rachelle said...

Just realized my grammar wasn't the best in my comment. Must need more coffee, or maybe this old lady just needs to put on her glasses :o

Jewels of My Heart said...

So sorry you are all sick! Will pray you are all better soon and enjoy this time together in spite of it all.
love you

The Ferrill's said...

Katie Lyn has a letter waiting by the door to send to Haylie! she loves her earrings! ;)
Sorry yall are sick...
Love this update! That turkey...oh mercy, Kristy. I don't think I will be the same. Seriously, I love just eating turkey on Thanksgiving and forgetting all about Tom, ya know?
Love you!

Anonymous said...
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Kristy said...

Loved this post and yes that skin is perfect and those lips are even more perfect....just beautiful!!

Love and blessings, Kristy