Monday, August 04, 2008


.....could you even begin to guess what today is????

.... my daddy's birf-day!!!!!!

.... mama likes to call him her 'hunk-o-muffin-fireman-stud'....
i just call him daddy.

Happy Birthday Babycakes!


Amy in Oregon said...

Happy Birthday, Mark!! Hope you have a great one!!!

Laurie said...

~~Happy Birthday Mark!!~~

I hope your day is overflowing with joy and love. I know you are one important guy around there and you are loved greatly. (Hi Kristy, I love you girl)

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday JD guy!

Ruthie said...

Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day.

Ruthie said...
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Amy said...

Oh my, Kristy, that face, that cover uirl face. I can' hardly take it, she is SO darling :)! That Ellie is just too precious. Each little expression you post is adorable. Happy Birthday to your man!!


The Ferrill's said...

Happy Birthday Daddy G.!
Ellie you are one cutie pie!
Kristy, my kiddos were thrilled to get the letters in the mail and will write them back soon!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you summer pen pals!!!! We love yall!
From the water balloon soaked, sugar loaded, potato shootin' Ferrills.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to your daddy and your Mama's 'hunk-o-muffin-fireman-stud'.

I think I'm going to steal your Mama line and use it on my husband tonight, minus the fireman. "hunk-o-miffin-computer-stud'. Hee, Hee

Tell your Mama I said "HI".



bullytrouble said...

HEY!! I know that corner!! :) xoxo ~Pamela