Monday, August 18, 2008

Guess where we went...again...


(yes - the Oregon Coast isn't the warmest of places)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Friday, August 08, 2008

Luke's Day

*, I think my legs are longer.
*, look I can run faster.
*, I can jump higher today.
*, when I woke up I became 5!

** the mind of the sweetest little man who turns five years old today**

*! I'm a whole hand today!!

Happy Birthday Lukie!!
We love you, oh so much.
( this is my all time favorite picture )

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

well hi there!
i thought i would give you an update on all the
fun stuff we've been up to.......

now pay close attention... k ?

first......we got to ride in a fire engine for a parade
in our hometown......
i wasn't sure what to think.....

if you think the seatbelt is a safety issue....that was nothin;
you should of seen me hanging out the windows blowing kisses to the crowd!
i rocked.
my cool daddy-o drove us.......

my brother 'Lukie' scored bigtime on all the candy...
check out his pocket....

okay. did you just see that? he is standing right where cars drive!!
first the seat belt in a fire truck, then they let me hang out windows and THEN
they let Luke stand in the street..........
i might have to take charge around here......
next we loaded up the truck and moved to beverly....

looks like it huh?
funny. i don't even know where that song came from in my little adorable brain.
naw, we went CAMPIN!

at the beach no less!
here is adorable me showing off my load.....

we went to this little light house....

see how excited my mom looks?
she says camping is like being in the city......see the two other campsites behind us?
right behind us?
like, two steps away crowded in behind us?
down below here, my sissy and brother think they are so smart.....but i
see them trying to hide from me!!!!

then - just a few days ago we went hiking in a park that
has all these waterfalls everywhere!!!
you could even go UNDER one!

okay mom, a few steps back and you and i are both gonna be wet, not to mention toast.....
real purdy....
and even more waterfalls that made me smile!

i guess i'm done for now.
i'll leave you with my cute-ness......i know thats why you really stopped by!

My heart is full.
Thank you Lord.

Monday, August 04, 2008


.....could you even begin to guess what today is????

.... my daddy's birf-day!!!!!!

.... mama likes to call him her 'hunk-o-muffin-fireman-stud'....
i just call him daddy.

Happy Birthday Babycakes!