Friday, July 18, 2008

Good day!
Kristy here, to say we're taking a bit of a break~
no email
no 'puter
cause we're no home!
Ellie insisted that I put up pictures of her wonderful
little friend Abby, from her visit with us......

They are the SAME age.
Amazing huh?
Miss Abby has been home for a year and a half-
Ellie has been home 4 months.......
What a difference.

She's not sure what to think here......

...but no matter what, she's always ready with a smile....


... and again.....
To stinkin funny.
Blessings on you all.
See ya soon !!


Ruthie said...

What a happy bunch of children.

Amy in Oregon said...

I'll miss you when you are gone . . . have a great trip!! oh my, but aren't all those kids wonderful :-) Can't wait to add another one or two to the mix!!!

Lori said...

Have fun! I can comment to you again.


e-Mom said...

Ellie is just too cute with that bow in her hair. Love all her smiles! That's one happy little girl--a tribute to you and your'hunk-o-muffin-fireman-stud'