Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hangin' at the Beach...

look at those two cute kids...
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Good day!
Kristy here, to say we're taking a bit of a break~
no email
no 'puter
cause we're no home!
Ellie insisted that I put up pictures of her wonderful
little friend Abby, from her visit with us......

They are the SAME age.
Amazing huh?
Miss Abby has been home for a year and a half-
Ellie has been home 4 months.......
What a difference.

She's not sure what to think here......

...but no matter what, she's always ready with a smile....


... and again.....
To stinkin funny.
Blessings on you all.
See ya soon !!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my sister ROCKS

yea, it's me again - my mom has this issue with blogging during the summer.....
she doesn't want to!
so i'm gonna do it one more time.......
okay, okay, okay; i've GOT to tell you about my totally cool
awesome big sister.....
thats her.....

she is so totally cool - not only is she now a teenager cause she
just had a birf-day.....
BUT - i'm so proud of her.
see, we went to this bike derby thingy and she WON
first place for the older kids!!!!!!!!!
i was cheering and yelling and hollar-en
the whole time for her.....
there she is smokin out all the others......BOYS that is!

my cool brother Lukie raced too and got 4th place!
woo hoo!

oh, hee hee - i'm so giddy for both of them....
next on my list to tell you is that i loved my first 4th!
here i am with a bunch of my homies....

the next day we went to see this waterfall....
hey, miss teagarden; i know you and my future buddie
Jane just went here too!!!!

i love given my daddy kisses......
(so does my mom)
(in fact, they do that all the time)
(i mean all the time)

my brother Lukie doesn't like them all the time....

so, mom wants you all to know she'll be back soon.....

(this is one of those looks she gives to my dad)
(all the time)
(whats that about anyway?)
Be blessed.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oh beautiful for spacious skies.........

me again.
my sissy and i are helping mom.
we are having a shindig here least thats what
everyone around here is calling it.
this thing needs to be washed.....

look at that. see all the hard work i'm doing??
my sister is just strolling along behind me...sheesh.

so, this being my first 4th of july and all......
my mom keeps telling us how blessed we are to live
here. all the freedoms that we (okay, not me - i'm only 2)
that you take for granted.........

i love AMERICA.

and hey, mrs. ferrill -
so does our chicken!

From all of us,
Have a wonderful, grateful, 4th of July.
Be blessed.