Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What are these children so interested in?

...the crazy little chipmunk
(see on the lower railing)
that came to feast on our birdseed....

I'm sure that got you excited.
(ooo la la, will you look at that deck....looks like the person
that stained it really knew what they were doing.....)

How about this then?
Rhody nursery in full bloom.
If you live nearby us, you better grab your camera
and get over here - throw your kids out there in the fields and
get some beautiful pictures.....
(or you can just come by and share a cup or two or three )!
It really is gorgeous right now.
We can sit right here (on my newly stained deck, thank you!)
.....different view...
.... or here!
Isn't God something else??
You really have to see it in person.
Let me know what time to expect you.....!
(I'm being serious)

*****Special Announcement:*****

We got our first 'foof' !
(notice the teeny tiny thing on top of Ellie's head)
Excitement to be had by all!!!!



Rachelle said...

We are packing our bags now!!! We'll be there in.....a few days. I wish.

a portland granny said...

Your grounds are simply breath-taking! I hope from that wall of windows, you have a view of Mt. Hood!!

I am anxious to meet you, as we've spoken about--now doubly anxious to see your lovely home and surroundings.

I like the little "foof". Its adorable!! I'm sure your older daughter just has a ball with the little one! They look pretty pleased with one another!!

Enjoy all that beauty surrounding you.


Laurie said...

Oh Kristy,

You truly do live on a little piece of heaven right here on earth. Yes, God is so good. I want to come and sit and drink coffee and just visit.
Your deck turned out beautiful, good job my girl. I paint and stain and all that stuff too. Another thing we have in common:) And the 'FOOF' is just too cute. How hard did you have to work for that one?? She is such a little cheesey bit. God has truly blessed us hasn't he? I love you girl.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Ruthie said...

What a wonderful gardena and deck.
The picture of the children is precious. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I live close to you and I can't even afford the gas to come see you!!!! Love the rhodies, love the foof, love the kids, wanna know where in the world you got the sun (tis dark and dismal and wet and rainy, only 10-15 miles away.........)

Sister Kelly (brrrrrbrrrrrbrrrrr)

Rachel said...

Enjoy the chilly weather on your gorgeous deck with your beautiful family! You might need some hot chocolate instead of iced tea. :-) Thanks for visiting my blog!


LaLa said...

I live WAY too far away but WOW you do have a view : ) Love that little top knot on her head too...

Amie said...

Lovin' the "foof"... and the views are taking my breath away.... Can we make a reservation on the deck for 8, say sometime next week maybe??? :)



I just love your back porch ... i bet you and God have some great talks out there ... have a blessed day!!!