Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey guys.
Whats up?
i'm doin' the post for my mom today.
Here i am hangin out, lookin cool in my moms rig...
Wanna know how i know this is my moms car? Cause my dad says he
wouldn't be caught dead with a goofy lookin' steering wheel cover like that......

Oh yea. Uh huh.

We all decided to take a little road trip, even tho' i wasn't feeling
all that great - i did good. i didn't surprise mom with
any more 'fun' that rhymes with come-and-see-ya
in the ol diaper, while we were out and about.

Big cool mountain behind us.
And my sissy is trying to show me how to put my hands on my hips...

My handsome brothers.
Here's what happens when they tried to get the camera to take the picture all
by itself. Tsk....tsk.....
My pants are supposed to be capris, so i'm told......
So beautiful here in my state.
Thanks for stoppin by my moms blog.
If ya want, you can leave a comment and let her
know how cute i am (and remind her of that the next time i get into trouble).....
**Abby, i can't wait to hang out with you girl!!**

Thursday, June 05, 2008

3 months

Three months ago, today, Miss Ellie
stepped off the plane with us and was welcomed into her forever family.
This little girl has changed all of us......
She is so full of joy.


We are blessed.

(some of you have asked; we have talked to 3 specialists
concerning the surgeries that Ellie will need on her hands. She will have her
first surgery this Fall to separate her fingers....)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What are these children so interested in?

...the crazy little chipmunk
(see on the lower railing)
that came to feast on our birdseed....

I'm sure that got you excited.
(ooo la la, will you look at that deck....looks like the person
that stained it really knew what they were doing.....)

How about this then?
Rhody nursery in full bloom.
If you live nearby us, you better grab your camera
and get over here - throw your kids out there in the fields and
get some beautiful pictures.....
(or you can just come by and share a cup or two or three )!
It really is gorgeous right now.
We can sit right here (on my newly stained deck, thank you!)
.....different view...
.... or here!
Isn't God something else??
You really have to see it in person.
Let me know what time to expect you.....!
(I'm being serious)

*****Special Announcement:*****

We got our first 'foof' !
(notice the teeny tiny thing on top of Ellie's head)
Excitement to be had by all!!!!