Friday, May 23, 2008

how you see it

Good day!
So, here's what I was doing this time last week.... (when the weather was 90, right now this morning it's only 47....ugh)...
Staining our deck.
Oooooh yea.
It's going to look soooooo good when I'm finished.
If that ever happens, because I live in Oregon
(which I love with all my heart)
We just see a LOT of rain!

This side is done....
This side is not.....
Everything in life is how you look at it, you know?
So in talking about ALL the rain we see around
here - look at the beautiful result;

Rhododendrons bursting with blooms!

See what the Lord does?
He gives us glorious rain to water the earth, or our nursery for that matter -
yes, I said glorious - remember, it's how you look at things...
"I don't care what the weather is mom, I love yooooooou...."

We can always make a choice in how we view life and our circumstances.
I choose to see the glory in it all.
Come on now, just try it - it will put a smile on your face.....not to mention,
brighten others up around you too!

"we choose to see what trouble we can get into next...."

"oop. just kidding mom..."

"hey, she's not looking - lets EAT one...."

Had to throw in open duck mouth picture....
(actually, they're letting the dogs know their gonna get it...)

Love. Joy. Peace.
Patience. Kindness. Goodness.
Faithfulness. Gentleness and Self Control.......
The fruits of the Holy Spirit;
that's true beauty in a womans heart (and face!)
Make it a beautiful weekend.
Pray for someone else today.
Smile. Even if you don't feel like it.
Blessings ~

(ps. lets continue to lift up the Chapman family.....)


e-Mom said...

Yes, praying for the Chapman family. Beyond tragic...

(What a neat new deck. And we have lots of rhodos blooming too. :~D)

BTW, I've tagged you for a meme!

Have a blessed weekend,
e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Laurie said...

This post makes me SMILE. You are a girl who could have been my own daughter. The blessings are in the simple things all around us everyday.
It is a blessing to be content with where we are and what we have isn't it? We ARE blessed Kristy and I am blessed to know you:) Praying for many who's lives are shattering right now. Too many to count. Too sad to imagine and I pray hope for them. Miss Ellie and her big brother are just adorable. Their faces say they are blessed. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend with the gang.

Love you girl, Laurie in Ca.

Rachelle said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I don't want to hear about all your rain, this summer, when we are dry : )
Love the dog pictures!! We haven't met them yet.

The Ferrill's said...

I did not know that about Oregon...rainy, huh?
Well, your deck is looking good! We need to do the same thing with ours!
Did you know I tagged you? silly, I know. Just wanted to get to know ya better!
You inspire me!

Robin said... bring me a smile :). What precious words to read on a Sunday morning while everyone's still sleeping.

We're on vacation, the guys have gone to play golf...and for a few moments I'm reading a few blogs I've sorely missed ('cause I'm just not able to read much these days). The Lord knew yours would brighten my morning :).

Blessings sweet one...and a few hugs your way, too :).

Ruthie said...

What a great post. Rain and flowers - such a blessing! And your dogs and children - all blessings to you!

We have been praying for the Chapman family - what a sorrowful thing to happen. I know the Lord will wrap His loving arms around them during this time.

Have a wonderful Spring.

a portland granny said...

I see Ruthie and I visit many of the same blogs!!

Loved your pictures. The rhodies were beautiful! Those buds were just ready to burst. I love them like that. Mine are already dropping blooms.

The last picture of your two youngest was just too precious. I'm looking forward to meeting them some time this summer!!

Thanks for sharing all your great pictures!!


Jewels of My Heart said...

How beautiful..... we would love some of that rain our way...

Meredith Teagarden said...

Praying for the Chapmans!! This rain just keeps on coming!!!! But, I see you have managed to get the whole family in on the occasion, even the pets :). But that little pink bundle at the bottom lights up the whole page with the little man next to her!

Lori said...

You are blessed! I can't wait to see the finished deck.

Your flowers are lovely.