Monday, April 28, 2008


To busy to even blog - but, in order to keep my readers
( all 2 of them - haha )
hap, hap, happy -
I thought I'd do a quick update;
As promised, we got our snow a couple of weeks back......
Rhodies and snow....hmmmm, our poor plants think it's time to bloom - well, it IS time
I don't know what IS UP with this weather here in Oregon...

....this was just a dusting on this particular morning...

WHAT month is it?????

...and, also as promised - we played games...
( I got beat by a 4 year old )

Okay. This is too stinkin' funny.
This little nut can make up the FUNNIEST faces.


Pure joy.
(actually, she was just caught in the act, when she thought no one was looking!)
Oh yesssss!
This past Saturday, my cutie-pie friend gave us an
Adoption Celebration
It was wonderful.
Her daughter made this adorable fruit centerpiece!
She spelled out Ellie's name in watermelon!!!!

Her she is with her masterpiece.
Yes folks, she's only 11 !
(Erica!! These are the ONLY pictures we took of the entire party...AHH!)

Thank you friends.
that we received DIAPERS as gifts!!
woo hoo!
our rhododendron nursery that is about to BURST with blooms!
Enjoy your week.


Meredith Teagarden said...

That fruit is stunning! Snow??!! Winter still in almost May!!

Walker said...

What an Awesome job she did with the fruit arrangment! Cute!! have more than 2 readers sweetie!
oh, & I love your place...the scenery is gorgeous!

Kimmy said...

Oh my goodness . . . that fruit thingy is a masterpiece! Amazing. And regarding the weather . . . we're having issues up here in Canada too. Normally it's close to summer-like temperatures around here during the day, but we haven't experienced much of that yet. I'm itching to get out and start my gardening, but I can't due to the near-frozen ground.
Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I love when you do.

Sherri said...

I guess I am reader #4!

We are experiencing unseasonably cold weather in Alabama right now, too. Although I hesitate to tell you the projected high for today--65! But it's usually much warmer this time of the year! I'm glad I haven't gotten my dog's hair cut for the summer yet.

Wow--that fruit arrangement was wonderful. That sure took some time to make. They must love you!


Rachelle said...

Did your flowers survive the snow??? Love, love the fruit!! What a talented young girl! HUGS

Amy said...

I love the fruit! I need to give that a try! What a work of art!

Sharon said...

That fruit is amazing!! She is so talented!! Ellie looks so content and happy! And I can not believe that snow in April. But your picture of it are very pretty!!

e-Mom said...

That watermelon creation is unbelievable! You have such a fantastic support group around you.

Enjoy your family and don't worry about not blogging. Love your updates tho.

Hugs, e-Mom

Kelly and Larry said...

I am one of your faithful readers! My husband and I have been following your blog since your trip to China. We are currently waiting for our turn to travel to go and get our little boy. Ellie is just the most adorable little girl. She makes the best faces! I would love to talk with you about any issues you have had with adjustment or tricks/tips to help with adjustment. She seems to be doing so well.


Kristy said...

Kelly, I would love to chat with you!
You can email me @
Blessings ~

Steffie B. said...

OMW...that fruit center peice is AMAZING!!! Now I'm hungry! lol

Ruthie said...

Beautiful boquet - nice blog. What fun you are having with your new one. We have the Chinese love symbol, too.

Ruthie said...

Hi. Come to my site - I have an award for you for being so supportive of my new efforts at blogging. Thanks.

Lori said...

I sure love my visits to your blog. I just love your little Ellie's many faces. You are so fun!

Amy in Oregon said...

I, of course, am one of your faithful readers!! every day. Thanks for the pictures and updates!! love you guys!

a portland granny said...

Another Oregon blogger! I was happy to find your site and interested in your journey to adoption. I have a Korean daughter (now 48!)

I loved your snow pictures. I posted one from the coast with the snow. Very strange weather we are having. Today looks promising!

In reading through your blog, I've decided you live near Boring, or perhaps in the Corbett area. (You mentioned hearing the helicopters during the crisis at Mt. Hood some months ago) I know there are many nurseries in Boring. I live in Gresham.

Sounds like you have a wonderful family. Darling kiddos. That little one seems very happy and secure.

My next door neighbors went for a little girl last year and this summer are getting a little boy from China. They had been married for 25 years, so are very excited with their little girlie.

I am looking forward to reading your blogs, now that I have found your site.

Loved the fruit arrangement--What a talented little girl!


Sharon said...

Just checking in on you! I know you much be busy with your new baby! I am content to look at these great shots again but am obsessed with seeing how Ellie is doing! She is such a trooper! Thank you for my sweet commetns, i lovethem!!

Thinking of you!! s

The Ferrill's said...

WOW that is some watermelon spelling! How creative! I hope by now your weather is warm and yummy! ;)

Jenn said...

Hi Kristy...

I have to say, I totally fell in love with Ellie when I watched the very first video of her you posted. It was of her singing. So precious!!

I found a site with a Chinese lullaby that MAYBE was the one she was singing?? It has the translation in English as well as someone singing it in Chinese. I thought I would send it to you just in case.

The website is: