Monday, April 28, 2008


To busy to even blog - but, in order to keep my readers
( all 2 of them - haha )
hap, hap, happy -
I thought I'd do a quick update;
As promised, we got our snow a couple of weeks back......
Rhodies and snow....hmmmm, our poor plants think it's time to bloom - well, it IS time
I don't know what IS UP with this weather here in Oregon...

....this was just a dusting on this particular morning...

WHAT month is it?????

...and, also as promised - we played games...
( I got beat by a 4 year old )

Okay. This is too stinkin' funny.
This little nut can make up the FUNNIEST faces.


Pure joy.
(actually, she was just caught in the act, when she thought no one was looking!)
Oh yesssss!
This past Saturday, my cutie-pie friend gave us an
Adoption Celebration
It was wonderful.
Her daughter made this adorable fruit centerpiece!
She spelled out Ellie's name in watermelon!!!!

Her she is with her masterpiece.
Yes folks, she's only 11 !
(Erica!! These are the ONLY pictures we took of the entire party...AHH!)

Thank you friends.
that we received DIAPERS as gifts!!
woo hoo!
our rhododendron nursery that is about to BURST with blooms!
Enjoy your week.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008




Friday, April 18, 2008


Have a beautiful weekend all !
( it's supposed to SNOW here in Oregon...waaaa!)

No worries.
We'll just be having a book readin', hot chocolate w/whipped cream, playing
baby dolls -kind of weekend around here!
You can always find Joy.....!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello there.
How is your Monday?
I didn't feel much like bloggin' over the weekend......anyway ~
( thank you so much for all your 'love', guys! )
So I have this really fun, really cool "secret sister"-
will ya look at how she spoils me??
She sent lots of cuteness in a box.
It was like Christmas, with a Spring time flavor.....yum!

Even jelly beans!
Well no, sillys - not just one....
thats all there was left to take a picture of.....

Miss, Ellie LOVED everything too!
She really 'dug' the adorable flower.
(she also likes to chase the others with it!)

we decided that we just had to have two more laying chickens to add to our brood
(this can really become addicting)
And will ya look at what just HAD to come home with me??
SHE is a goose (gosling) and her name is 'Gussie'.
She is so stinking cute that I can hardly stand it. Whenever she sees me
she pokes her little head up and peeps/chitters/whateveryoucallit at me.
We are handling her a LOT because I won't have an ornery goose chasing all of us......
(I'm attached, but not THAT attached!)oh hey. Just for fun.
Dirty duck feet.

I almost forgot!
Miss Ellie wanted to show you she still has it, baby.


living life
being able to work in my yard
loved ones
red nail polish ;o)
Blessings ~

Friday, April 11, 2008

Savor each day.

I was there, when you went to be with the Lord.
I wonder what it was like.
Did you run up to Him and fall at His feet?
Did you gasp, taking in all that was around you?
Did you toss your head back and laugh joyously?
I wonder.
I was there.
I saw them working on you.
The kids and I prayed.
We watched Lifeflight come, and then land right in front of us.
They stayed for a bit, and then they left.
Without you.
Were you already in His presence?
I wonder.
We prayed for your wife and your family.
For some reason it felt wrong that I knew before she did.
But, I knew that someone was on their way to her.
Lord, be with her right now.
Not really being able to go into all the details;
a dear man to many suddenly, tragically died this morning -
Please pray for this family.
Blessings ~

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I wanted to share with you all how we spend our days homeschooling.

We love this way of life SO much!
My kids get so much out of each day.
Here's a sample from today.......

I know.
We are the only family around that is this strange.
I won't be sad if you don't want to read my blog anymore.
(But we sure have FUN!)
my kids, who always make me laugh
Blessings ~

Friday, April 04, 2008

New babies

Good day!
Big excitement around here; we have 35 new little baby's.
I was going to mention something about them ending up in our freezer - but that sounds awful.
Anyway, my ducks aren't all that impressed....
So, at the risk of making a CERTAIN unnameable PERSON
cringe, because I haven't posted an Ellie picture yet....and OregonAmy, oops, SHE
doesn't want to see pictures of ducks.....
Here's Ellies first look at the new baby chickens......and that cute cheesy "smile" again;

I don't think she said a word. Just smiled and stared.
Well, yes - I'm going to show you these cute guys....
Hard to think those will be on our dinner table, huh?
BELIEVE me, in a couple of weeks they WON'T be that cute anymore.....
My babies again, who we will NEVER eat, right Mark?
Here's a close up for you AMY.
Handsome boy.
This is Henry. Yes. He is named, thank you.
And that's Daisy's rear back there ....
Oh, and this is for Sharon.
( Okay, and you too AMY - oops, 'nameless person' )


Just wanted to show off to Rachelle........;o)

the beautiful weather we've had
new bark dust
living on a farm
my children's laughter
friends, in real life (AMY) and in this blog-ville!

Make it a fantastic weekend!
Blessings ~

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Our goofy, silly family.
We have SO much fun!!
Ellie is always doing something (or we're doing something to her!) that makes us laugh.
Whenever we say "smile" we get a variety of responses....



Smile, silly girl!

I probably shouldn't post this, someone will think we're awful.......oh well.
(the 12 year old thinks this is great fun.)

"Can you believe all this? Look what my family puts me through!
Just wait till the next time my mom's not looking....."
Ellie break for just a minute - BEAUTIFUL Spring morning in Oregon...
Okay. Back to cute Chinese baby.....
I am so cool in Dollar store glasses....

*Such Joys to share ~*
Beautiful weather
Geraniums that were on sale (woo hoo)
being able to take a shower - finally!**
Dinner from a sweet friend (thanks Shelley!)
Being silly
phone calls
(** surgery left a rather large scar on my back - baths were just plain gettin' old!)