Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pink puff

We woke up to snow this morning, so everyone was ready to
head out the door first thing!
(as for me, I'm eagerly awaiting Spring!!)
Anyhow ~ Ellie was okay with all the snow, but it was more
fun dressing her all up and taking pictures of the marshmallow......

This hat cracks us's the goofiest little thing, and she LOVES it.

oh my.

I'm so desperate for head-bow-band-thingys for this kid, that I figured out that I can clip
barrettes to some stretchy headbands that we already have!
(purdy smart, huh?)
She loves to wear them.
Okay. So I know it looks kinda silly. But you have to admit, she sure is cute.
Too sweet.

the snow
watching my daughter doing her schoolwork
my hummingbirds are back!
hearing Ellie sing in her crib first thing this morning
Blessings ~


Rachelle said...

Too cute!! Wish I could have heard her singing. Today is our anniversary of Gotcha Day. I have a picture I took just for you. I'll be emailing it soon. Enjoy the snow!!

Mom of 5 said...

Way too cute !!

Kimmy said...

Oh my . . . she looks SO cute as a pink marshmallow!

Laurie said...

This little bundle of joy has just moved right on into your home as if she was born there. However, she was born FOR your family and I think she knows it!!! I am so blessed for you Kristy and hope things are humming right along for you guys. My hummingbirds have been back for about a week now and come right up to my face almost. Happy Spring my dear friend.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Walker said...

Gosh, she is soo adorable! I could squeeze her!! love the photos!
I'm working on something for you with the headbands. I can make them for you.. actually you hit the nail on the head with how the bow makers make those head band things! Seriously, they sew on top an inch strip of ribbon, then they use ANY bow with an alligator clippie to clip onto it! It's really simple. I'm going to get busy working on some for you in different colors!!
I've been trying to create a website too, where you can actually customize your orders.. it may take awhile, but I hope to have it up and running soon!!
Love you!!
Your buddy,

Lori said...

She is such a sweetie pie! I can feel your love for little Ellie threw the computer waves.

I can't believe how good she is with the hat and the headbands, that is just amazing.

What joyful days you must have, with all of your children.



Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, but she melts my heart.... She is so beautiful and you can see what a little character she is... so precious.
How could you not love that hat!

e-Mom said...

Oh I get so squishy when I come over here. Shore is purty around here--with all the pink!

What a bundle of joy your little girl is. If only we all could hold her close like you can...

Have a wonderful weekend. :~D

Hugs, e-Mom