Wednesday, March 05, 2008

*~*One tired mom, and her four precious babies.*~*

It is so wonderful to be home.
This little baby girl is such a joy!
She did wonderful on the flights, and slept well, until I accidentally whacked her
with my seat belt.....way to go.
The airport reunion was perfect.
There were so many people there - I'm so sorry if I didn't get to talk to you, I was completely
When we came close to coming through the gate; a security guard asked me
" Is she Ellie?" He caught me by surprise, so all I could say was, "huh?" He then tells me
there's a lot of folks waiting to meet her. We came around the corner to cheers and clapping!
We are so blessed.
I cannot even begin to thank everyone, for everything.
By the way, most of our pictures from the airport didn't turn out (SO sad), so could and would
any of you that got some, please email them our way?
Huge thanks to Kevin W. for videoing everything, I don't know if anyone else did or not.
That means a lot to us Kevin, you getting this precious day on tape for us.
What a sweet, sweet day.
Thank you, Jesus.
I will post homecoming pictures as soon as I can!
Love to you all from Oregon.


the harris' said...

she is the cutest baby ever!!!!!! we love her and cant wait to spend time with her!!! we love u sooo much!!!
love the harris

Laurie said...

Oh, just look at all the precious faces in your tribe!!!!! I am so thankful you are back at home with all of your babies, safe and sound. Thank you Lord for your blessings. I hope you get wonderful sleep tonight as jet lag can really be draining. I am so happy for you Kristy and I just love you bunches. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT OR DOES IT STILL FEEL LIKE A DREAM???
You did the most wonderful job of keeping us all posted on your trip and I thank you sooooooooooo much!
Enjoy every moment of this new life in your forever home:) You are all so blessed.

I love you girl, Laurie in Ca.

Kimmy said...

Welcome back! Everyone looks so happy to see their new sister!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Kristy,
What a beautiful, precious family....
I am just so happy for you all and so thankful...
You made me cry...
Sweet dreams my friend and Welcome Home little one.... welcome home...

Rachelle said...

Welcome Home! What beautiful words. I'm sure it was great to see your other kids.......Let the signing begin : )

Lori said...

I am so glad you made it back safely with your little Ellie.

What a great picture of all of you.

I look forward to seeing you pictures.


Jill W said...

What a beautiful family. Welcome Home!

Amy said...

Welcome home! What a beautiful photo! What a dream!

Jenn said...

I have been following along on your journey for the past week. I found your website on AWAA's list.

I am in LOVE with little Ellie!! She is an absolute doll!! I have enjoyed watching the videos of her over and over. Love, LOVE her little singing! Could she be more precious! What a little blessing!

Happy to see that you made it safe and sound back home. What a beautiful treasure and blessing you have in each of your children!



A Servant's Heart In Dixie said...

Welcome home, dear ones. May God's blessings be on each of you; may He give you wisdom, grace, love and joy in guiding you moment by moment, and day by day. What a blessing to US, you both have been, during this journey - - and before.
We love you!
"Mom"/MaryLee - and Mike - and Julie

Laurie said...

Hey Kristy,

Are you sleeping in today? You should be. I am so happy for you girl. Talk to you soon.

Love you bunches, Laurie in Ca.

Kelly and Larry said...

I loved following your blog while you were in China! Your daughter is so precious and I love all her singing! Thank you for sharing your experience.

Kelly in Florida
Waiting for RA

Jenn said...


Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I have people tell me all the time that God has a plan for us and we just need to trust in His perfect timing...and I believe it....and I say it all the time's just nice to be reminded (sometimes over and over!) again! So thank you! :o)

On a side note....I also homeschool! :o) I just homeschool my youngest right now...he's a 11. We have too much fun together!


FHL said...

Welcome home baby Ellie!

I've so enjoyed following your trip and adventures in China :-) Thank you for sharing!

Denise said...

Welcome home..I feel blessed to have been able to follow your journey. Our journey is just a few weeks away...