Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello all !
As I sit here, struggling through a wonderful head cold -
I thought I'd add a few pics of our day....
Ellie wants to show you all the correct posture and position for the piano.
( "now if only I could reach those pedals....")

She also wanted to send "grandma Laurie in Ca." some love and a big thank you
for her cuddly lamb !
(oh man, my house is really a mess right now....sheesh)

Now she'd like to show you how she has her big brother figured out -
"like my motor behind me??"
These two are so fun together - they're learning how to be buddies....

"Oh, how I am so embarrassed! See my mom back there?
She's on her computer, again!!!"

The princess sleeps.
Thank you Lord ~ for such a sweet baby girl....


My two silly girls.
Love to you all.
Blessings ~


Laurie said...

Oh Kristy,

What a blessing to see Miss Ellie in action at HOME!! The SISTERS video makes my heart soar. How blessed does your family feel right now? Wow, she is really home after praying for what seemed an eternity. It figures you would end up with a head cold after all of this excitement. I hope it is over soon for you. She looks like she has always been there Kristy. That's our Father for ya! Good all the time. He picked a beauty for you and knew you would be perfect for her. Ahhh, absolute perfection.

Love you girl, Laurie in Ca.

cousin allie said...

ahe is too adorable!!! I hope that she can grow accostomed to her new life easy. Its funny to look at the first day with ellie crying to now... giggling with her sissy hailey. God is so amnazing isn't he! She's got a baig bellie!!! Also do you know when her surgery is so we can pray for her? love you all!!!

Amy in Oregon said...

oh my. that is so stinkin cute!!

Lori said...


Thank you for keeping us up on your daily adventures! I love all of these pictures. You seem like you are having so much fun with little Ellie.

I'll pray for you to get better soon!

Love Ya,


Kimmy said...

I loved the sisters video clip. It looks like she's fitting right in.
I love your house, Kristy. It's got so much natural light!

Rachelle said...

Ellie and I are sitting here looking at your pictures and video. We BOTH, love them!!!! Oh how I wish we could run over and see you all!

Beverly said...


e-Mom said...

Lovin' all these pics of little Ellie. She's such a bundle of joy! Thanks for brightening my day. Hugs!

FHL said...

Oh my, you have a cutie!
Loved the video :-)

Walker said...

Thanks for the pictures!! They are all precious! I laughed at the one with you on the computer... "I'm Guilty too, girl" Sometimes... I say to myself.. "self, only one time today, shall you check emails and blog!" LOL!!
Well, I'm getting there!
go check out my blog today.. maybe you have some good insight too!
love you,

Steffie B. said...

She is just precious.....dreams do come true don't they???

Jewels of My Heart said...

So precious, I loved watching and hearing the girls have a ball.... those little giggles... so sweet, knowing that Ellie is happy and has reason to giggle.... priceless.
Hope you are feeling better.