Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chinese baby shower

Yesterday, three beautiful ladies from our church gave us a
Chinese baby shower. Chinese, you ask? Let me tell you; this was
the most amazing-wonderful-beautiful-humbling shower
I have ever been to -
it started with a cooking class, we learned how to make wonton, then we watched a
video and talked about the underground church in China........I'm jumbling this all
up - I am still so overwhelmed by this shower.
We broke into small groups and everyone prayed for us, we ate amazing food,
we talked about how God had Ellie born in China, only to be brought here to our family
at this exact time for His purpose........what plans does He have for her?
Okay, I will never be able to type all that this day held for us, so I'll go to the pictures......
At home, before we left - I had just told her to smile....

At the shower.....
"all these people are here for me???"

Lindy (who is Chinese) giving us instructions on cooking....

" I'll just sit here and look cute, thank you......"

Chinese baby attempting wonton......

...some of the finished product....

Folks wrapping away....
"while I'm looking cute, I'll just eat my banana...
(by the way, she LOVED the wonton)
Hard boiled quail eggs.
Cooked (boiled) wonton - it was SO good, and so easy to make!
Craft using Chinese characters...

Beautiful cake from Chinese Bakery
(I know, isn't this all amazing????!)
The beautiful women that made this day possible ~
Karen, Lindy, and Kyoko.....
Yay! A new dress!

Aren't little girls cute?

She got the whole gift thing down pretty quick!
Adorable new jacket!
So cute!
This was a big hit! The kids enjoyed this as much as Ellie did...
( look at those adorable faces!!)

Tears started.
Lindy made pillowcases for our children (which Ellie is wearing on
her head) and for Mark and I that have the characters "grace" on them...

Tears continued.
She read to us beautiful Scripture for Ellie,
and then took this off her wall and gave it to me with the Scripture on it....

She also gave me a beautiful little pin to wear with the Chinese
character "truth" and told me to teach this to
Of course, as always - Ellie pooped out. Not until after the shower though!
She had a great time, and loved everything.

These were chopsticks that they had for everyone....
They said, Ellie's name, pray for
China, Acts 17: 26-31.

Beautiful dresses for our little girly girl!

Can you see why I am still so overwhelmed?
Today, our little peanut isn't feeling all that great - so we're having
a quiet day at home.
Blessings to you all ~
With Joy, Kristy


Rachelle said...

You are so blessed! Very touching. Hope Ellie feels better soon.

Kimmy said...

WOW~What a blessing!!!

Laurie said...

Wow Kristy, what a blessing you did not expect. Made me cry just reading the blessings and the way they did it. I love those chopsticks, how precious are those. You look so happy in the pictures, I am just amazed at the goodness of our Lord. I am so happy for you my heart hummmmms.!! Those dresses are adorable and I think you need to do a fashion show and post pictures. This will keep you busy for days:) Love you girl and hope to talk to you soon.

Laurie in Ca.
PS. Something about a baby shower that brings out the sweetest joy in young girls. Just look at those smiles!!!!

Lori said...

How precious...I can't even begin to say more.

I am sure my mom must have felt the same way when she first brought home my little sisters. I remember the shower that was thrown for them and how blessed they were.

I am really in awe!

Blessings dear friend,


Jewels of My Heart said...

priceless..... what a special day and a beautiful tribute to Ellie...
I hope she is feeling better.

Lizard said...

Kristy- You are doing so well. I was still wiped out at this point!! I love all the pics. She is SOOOOO cute!!

Walker said...

That was the most heartfelt, beautiful baby shower I've ever seen! What an Awesome idea!! You've got some great freinds, Kristi! What a blessing!!!
love you!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Now THAT'S a baby shower! What a blessing!
Olivia's hairbows come from eBay mainly. I like to buy the headbands sepeately then clip the bows to them. The smaller, stretchy headbands work best. And Olivia is 33.5" tall. She's in a 2T.