Sunday, March 30, 2008

Now how in the world...

...could I have missed THIS one??
(you have GOT to click on this )

Ultimate electrical nightmare.
My man had more fun spotting these messes everywhere we went in China.
And, if you followed our journey; you know I had fun posting them!
Prayer request ( for me ! )
I had to have a minor surgery on Friday, that I'm having some
issues with. Makes life a bit more interesting when your chasing
around a 2 year old!
Also, 12 year old daughter (who is my right hand chick) isn't feeling well either.
Needed: quick recovery.
Thank you.
** Joys **
my new blog look! (see below)
warm socks
snow (but it can leave any time!)
a handsome man to wash my hair
(yea, you stinkers, my man!!)
friends who insist on bringing me Starbucks
(this girl is blessed)
reading God's Word.....
Blessings ~

Once again...

The beautiful Daleea has used her creative talents
to amaze me with this blog!
Thank you sweet friend.
You captured exactly what I wanted this to be.
If your wanting a change for your blog, let this amazing chicky know!
Daleea doesn't just go for pretty colors and such; she prayerfully puts her heart into each blog
that she does.
She's in the process of raising funds to bring home her second daughter
from China, Miss Isabella ~ to join big brother Nicholas and big sister Miss Hannah.
Her link is beautifully done on my sidebar.
Bless you sweetie.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pink puff

We woke up to snow this morning, so everyone was ready to
head out the door first thing!
(as for me, I'm eagerly awaiting Spring!!)
Anyhow ~ Ellie was okay with all the snow, but it was more
fun dressing her all up and taking pictures of the marshmallow......

This hat cracks us's the goofiest little thing, and she LOVES it.

oh my.

I'm so desperate for head-bow-band-thingys for this kid, that I figured out that I can clip
barrettes to some stretchy headbands that we already have!
(purdy smart, huh?)
She loves to wear them.
Okay. So I know it looks kinda silly. But you have to admit, she sure is cute.
Too sweet.

the snow
watching my daughter doing her schoolwork
my hummingbirds are back!
hearing Ellie sing in her crib first thing this morning
Blessings ~

Monday, March 24, 2008

Good day!
Hope you all are doing well and wonderful.
We had a wonderful Easter - Ellie loved everything, from Church, to the food, to the eggs.
She thought it was all great!
Today we received (as you other AWAA'ers know), the follow-up
or welcome back, call from our agency.
It's was kinda funny answering all her questions with "she's doing great", over
and over again. But it's so true. Our God is amazing, and He has
with an incredible little peanut who, to tell you the truth, feels like she's
been here with us all along. I honestly cannot fathom the thought that someone else
birthed this child! But - I wasn't pregnant, and as you know, my husband is not Chinese!
har har.
( just to sum it all up...)

This is the most adorable little book that Miss Melody MADE for Ellie....

The e-a-s-y egg hunt.....
(see the one in the rails)

A cute bunch we saw on our way home yesterday.......
Joys to share ~

*my family*
*the wonderful dinner with hubby's family yesterday*
need I say more?

Blessings to you ~

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Has Risen!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tissue paper party!

A beautiful quilt from a beautiful neighbor.

No hat is safe around here.....


Okay Mom, enough with the camera......
"One of my wonderful new dresses..... "
Too cute.
(most of the time!!)

Have a wonderful week !
With Joy ~ Kristy

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chinese baby shower

Yesterday, three beautiful ladies from our church gave us a
Chinese baby shower. Chinese, you ask? Let me tell you; this was
the most amazing-wonderful-beautiful-humbling shower
I have ever been to -
it started with a cooking class, we learned how to make wonton, then we watched a
video and talked about the underground church in China........I'm jumbling this all
up - I am still so overwhelmed by this shower.
We broke into small groups and everyone prayed for us, we ate amazing food,
we talked about how God had Ellie born in China, only to be brought here to our family
at this exact time for His purpose........what plans does He have for her?
Okay, I will never be able to type all that this day held for us, so I'll go to the pictures......
At home, before we left - I had just told her to smile....

At the shower.....
"all these people are here for me???"

Lindy (who is Chinese) giving us instructions on cooking....

" I'll just sit here and look cute, thank you......"

Chinese baby attempting wonton......

...some of the finished product....

Folks wrapping away....
"while I'm looking cute, I'll just eat my banana...
(by the way, she LOVED the wonton)
Hard boiled quail eggs.
Cooked (boiled) wonton - it was SO good, and so easy to make!
Craft using Chinese characters...

Beautiful cake from Chinese Bakery
(I know, isn't this all amazing????!)
The beautiful women that made this day possible ~
Karen, Lindy, and Kyoko.....
Yay! A new dress!

Aren't little girls cute?

She got the whole gift thing down pretty quick!
Adorable new jacket!
So cute!
This was a big hit! The kids enjoyed this as much as Ellie did...
( look at those adorable faces!!)

Tears started.
Lindy made pillowcases for our children (which Ellie is wearing on
her head) and for Mark and I that have the characters "grace" on them...

Tears continued.
She read to us beautiful Scripture for Ellie,
and then took this off her wall and gave it to me with the Scripture on it....

She also gave me a beautiful little pin to wear with the Chinese
character "truth" and told me to teach this to
Of course, as always - Ellie pooped out. Not until after the shower though!
She had a great time, and loved everything.

These were chopsticks that they had for everyone....
They said, Ellie's name, pray for
China, Acts 17: 26-31.

Beautiful dresses for our little girly girl!

Can you see why I am still so overwhelmed?
Today, our little peanut isn't feeling all that great - so we're having
a quiet day at home.
Blessings to you all ~
With Joy, Kristy

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Adoption Is Greater Than The Universe - John Piper

I love this.

Hello all !
As I sit here, struggling through a wonderful head cold -
I thought I'd add a few pics of our day....
Ellie wants to show you all the correct posture and position for the piano.
( "now if only I could reach those pedals....")

She also wanted to send "grandma Laurie in Ca." some love and a big thank you
for her cuddly lamb !
(oh man, my house is really a mess right now....sheesh)

Now she'd like to show you how she has her big brother figured out -
"like my motor behind me??"
These two are so fun together - they're learning how to be buddies....

"Oh, how I am so embarrassed! See my mom back there?
She's on her computer, again!!!"

The princess sleeps.
Thank you Lord ~ for such a sweet baby girl....


My two silly girls.
Love to you all.
Blessings ~

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Farm Girl

Little by little, we are introducing Miss Ellie to her surroundings.....
'Stylin chic'

Haylie showing Ellie the sign for chicken (are you proud Rachelle?)

This is pretty cool !

Okay, so I had to throw in a pic of my ducks ( I love these guys ) "Cuyoo, Henry and Daisey"

Checking each other out....

"Can you believe how these people dress me.....??"
(pretty stinkin cute if you ask me)

These kids think it's the middle of summer - they wear shorts ALL the time......

...shorts and boots....
Driving the old blue car.

...hey, I like this thing!
....and of course, showing her the swing...

She is doing wonderfully well.
As are we.