Friday, February 29, 2008

We are on the home stretch of this journey!!!!
Guangzhou is fantastic. I think mainly because we are getting to
see all of the wonderful families from our group again.
I love it here!!
Here is our 'princess' ready to leave for the airport....
This man was very sweet,
he was so excited to find out that Ellie would have
surgery on her hands in the U.S.
Too funny.......Mark actually got in trouble for taking this......
Official Chinese man said "no picture"...
Big Boeing triple 7 - my man was pretty stoked....
Someone MUST have been praying!!
She fell right to sleep.....

Woo hoo. Check out this window guys!

I can't wait to sleep in that!

Little Chinese baby having fun...

OH NO. She found the t.v.
nonononono !


Oh my. She was so precious on the flight.
This is Ellie starting to fall asleep.
Thank you Jesus, for another precious day with our
new baby girl.
Haylie, Jacob and Luke - miss you bunches, have fun with Kris
(and behave.)

Please be praying for our group - there are some different 'concerns'
that need prayer - thanks for understanding that I won't go into details, but please lift this
group up....
Thank you.
May His name be praised and glorified.
Blessings ~
(By the way, just wanted to let folks know that we still can only see our blog,
we're not able to go to anyone else's...)


Lori said...

What a bundle of goodness. Can you beat that? I don't think so. I have enjoyed this journey with you and your family.

Thank you so much for including us!

Love Ya,


Don't worry about us, we are enjoying reading about you.

Walker said...

So glad you're in the home stretch!! lol! She just gets cuter and cuter everytime I see her! Precious!
ps..i'll be praying 2 for those prayer concerns!

Laura said...

I love the videos of her. Post away! She is so very sweet and I wish you so many happy years together. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Sending love your way! Have so enjoyed "seeing" china thru your eyes. I was able to go see the Allison's blog through your link, what a precious darling they have adopted also!

Sister Kelly :)

Greg and Steph said...

Hi y'all! I just love Ellie!!!! What a sweet girl!!
Don't you love Guangzhou?!?!?! Please go by Susan's Place and ask for Susan or Dong. They are WONDERFUL!!! Very helpful in finding things for you! They go the extra mile!
Praying for y'all and the group!
Love you guys!

April said...

Will be praying for your group and their children. So relieved the flight went well.
Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy Guangzhou....
I don't know if you are interested.... I don't know where it is... (I think it is off of the island) but if you like tea I know there is a huge tea market.... we didn't know about it until we were already home but the pics of it were incrediable.... traditional Chinese market... we missed out on all of that but if you are interested I am certain someone would know how to get there.
Sweet Dreams

Jewels of My Heart said...

April is me..... Daleea... lol
I was working on her blog and thought I was signed out. hehee
Sorry April

Amy in Oregon said...

Have a great last part of the trip . . . shopping and pizza!! Your girl is so sweet!! thanks a bunch for updating us with wonderful pictures!! miss you guys!

Rachelle said...

So glad to see you're on the home stretch. Take care! I'm know you are so anxious to see your kids!!!

Robin said...

Although I've been "quiet", I've been lurking and reading. Your story is so precious (as is your sweet Princess). I'm so thankful things have gone as smoothly as they have for you; and for all those prayer concerns of others...well, I can imagine what they might be and will be in prayer, regardless.

Oooo, you're so cute to "apologize" for not blog hopping! Ummm, I think you get a free pass on that for a while, lol. You've been a bit occupied, yes?

Hugs...blessings...prayers...and more :)!

Amy said...

She is so beautiful!!! I will be praying for your group. I hope it all works out. Enjoy your last few days. I'm sure it will be great to be home!

Laurie said...

Hi Kristy,

I will be praying for the concerns of your group, God knows what is needed there. And the sign "your man" took a picture of is so funny!! Same thing happened to me in Taiwan. Another superstition I think:) I can imagine you are ready to stop living out of suitcases and get settled in at home. It has to be tough with a baby who is just getting used to her new mommy and daddy too. Bless you both for safe travel home. Have I mentioned how precious and beautiful she is???

I love you friend, Laurie in Ca.

the harris' said...

Hey krsisty mark and ellie we cant wait to see you guys we miss you eliie is too cute for words!!!!
the harris'

Anonymous said...

Showed your "blogs" to Julie, and we shed some tears (HAPPY ones!) for you. There are not enough happy, sweet, cute, darling, precious, God-sent, words to describe your little gal. We just wanna hug the stuffin' out of all y'all!! Our love & prayers for a safe (and quiet?) rest of your trip! Love you! MaryLee & Mike & Julie

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Kristy, me and my best friend (and neighbor) Gina were watching the movies and we really liked them!

From Gina Litke and Amy Welch


Amy said...

Hi, just looking for my daily Ellie fix! Yes, I're too busy to blog! That's right, get us hooked on your beautiful new girl, then make us wait for new photos and videos! I hope this means your having too much fun to blog! All my best to you!!!

Lori said...

What a sleeping beauty~ CONGRATULATIONS!