Monday, February 25, 2008

This baby girl slept 12 HOURS last night...
Yes - 12 hours.
Oh, sweet Lord !
She wouldn't let us take off the rest of her orphanage clothes, so she slept in 2 of the layers...

Breakfast was wonderful, mainly because she was wonderful!
This kid eats anything.
"Check out my cool jacket that Miss Dena helped my mom pick out for me"
Thanks, Dena!
...and my cutie-bug hat that I want my bear to wear...
Today has been a much better day, thank you so much for praying for us. Ellie has had a few bouts of crying (very sad huge tears) but seems to snap right out of it......amazing child. We spent another full day out and about - mostly doing paperwork....
Here's some rules for getting married in China in case you were wondering...

......and after you get married, you can choose from one of the many, many, many, many, many, many, that are all around.

.....but then the most exciting thing that you would get to do next, is to buy a teeny tiny car, and drive though the streets of Shanghai...

Anyway - we spent the day in offices like the one below. By the way; that's our sweet guide 'Sandra' with me.....isn't she cute?

We also got to meet many official-Chinese-people, like this one below
(can't tell you who she was, though!)

And THEN, joy of all joys - we went into Chinese Walmart, called Carrefour. Ellie was pretty into it all, and wanted to hold everything...

After such a long day - she's back to where we started....

Mark and I are getting caught up on the computer. I cannot thank you all
enough for your wonderful comments - you have no idea how much they mean
to us, especially when your so far away from home....

....I think now we're going to party, Chinese style!

video I saved the best for last - our little Chinese singer....! Thank you Lord, for such a sweet blessed day with our little one -
Please continue to pray for us, and for the other families in our group as well, if you would.
Love to you all.
Hay, Jake and Luke - we LOVE you SO much!
Miss you bunches.


Sophie Ziegler said...

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Larry Ziegler said...

Hey guys!

Larry here - it's so awesome to see Ellie with her family! That's right, I figured out how to view our blogs!

You need to download and install Firefox from

and then follow the proxy instructions in this article

Worked like a charm!

We can't wait to meet back up with you guys Friday evening!

God bless you as Ellie and you begin your new lives!

Love, Larry and Stacy (and Sophie)

You may see her comment earlier - she loves to press buttons, we've found out :).

Amy in Oregon said...

oh my. how precious is that girl!!??!! what a blessing to see the Lord working in your lives on the other side of the world!! what a cutie!! so glad she did good today and slept good . . . i'll be stopping by a thousand times today to get an ellie fix!!! our girls are going to love each other!
missing you guys!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, My Gosh! I am in LOVE.... she is so precious it hurts my heart. Her little video singing makes everything right in the world.... she is SOOOOOOO DARLING!
Thank You Jesus for answered prayers.... I prayed and prayed that Ellie would be able to sleep peacefully. (and her Mama and Daddy too.) It isn't uncommon for the babies to need to keep the clothes they had on for a while... It gives them comfort with the familiar scents etc.
She looks so at home in her Mama's lap and arms. I have been praying since her referral that the Lord would prepare her mind and heart for you... that she wouldn't be afraid but know that she is safe now with her family.... It looks and sounds like He has answered this prayer too. She is doing amazing. Any rough times you will get through together....
Sweet Dreams you beautiful family and may God Bless You and keep you from harm's way.

Jewels of My Heart said...

The kids and I just watched Ellie's debut video 4 times... We are big fans and Hannah tried to sing along...
I'm just so happy for you and your beautiful, sweet, precious little miracle Ellie Grace.
Please don't ban me from your site.... lol I know I keep leaving comment after comment but I am just so happy and excited for you all and have fallen in love with your daughter.
and my heart longs for China and my Isabella so I am going there through you....

Rachelle said...

Oh Kristy.....that video is precious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did your guide recognize any of her words??
Glad you got a good nights sleep, least Ellie did. Praying for you all.


Anonymous said...

Your adventure is so incredible.......and what joy is ours that we get to share so much of it with you as it happens! I check your blog several times a day just to see if something new is posted! How delightful to hear her little voice and see her singing and looking so comfortable with you guys! (Dale says he just can't imagine CHINA!) God continue to bless your trip and cover it with His purpose! (I told Mom and Kevin how to get to your blog, this is just too exciting not to share! You should have heard her and Kevin and Sherry exclaim with delight when they saw your pictures of holding Ellie for the first time!)

Lotsa Love! Kelly :) (Megan is looking forward to meeting "baby ellie", too! We look at your pictures together.....Ellie looks bigger than her!)

Amy said...

Oh Kristy! That video is so cute! How old is she? You have yourself a real singing star!!! She is so sweet when she sleeps! Is she taking to her Papa too? Thank God it seems to be going very well! What a gift!!!

Laurie said...

Okay, now you have done it. I am totally in love with Miss Ellie!!!!
The video of her singing just ripped my heart wide open. So precious and wouldn't it be great to know what the song is?? I was thinking "Jesus Loves Me" :) She is just beautiful Kristy, absolutely perfect. I am so thankful the adjustment is being blessed by the One who made her for you. Hey, in all that Chinese party food, I'm spotting a pair of pink shoes!! Are they edible? You and Mark are just beaming with the love of the Lord!!
This is a trip none of you will ever forget. God is Great!!!

Love you, Laurie in Ca.
PS Thank you soooooooooooo much for sharing this experience with us. I am blessed.

Garth & Rhondie said...

Ohhh what a sweet baby girl! Glad to know she slept for you. Your pictures are great! Feel like I'm there with you. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! Love ~ Rhondie

Greg and Steph said...

I love hearing Ellie sing! WOW! She is incredible! Y'all are such a wonderful family!!!!
I am so glad she is eating!!!!
Praying for y'all!
Much Love!

Chelsea said...

Praise God!!! BEAUTIFUL! All is well on the homefront. The kids watched the video a half a dozen times. Precious.


April said...

Congratulations! I came by yesterday to give you words of encouragement and Blogger didn't think I should. So here I am now with tissues around. I never can make it through a post from someone that is getting their daughter in China without bawling like a baby. What a blessing she is and how wonderful that she is FINALLY in your arms. Praise Jesus!

I just love the video with Ellie singing. She has joy in her heart. She finally has a Mom and Dad.

Love, April

Sharon said...

I thought about you first thing when I woke up this morning and wondered how she was today. I even told my husband about you. (I know it must be strange to have a complete stranger thinking of you but we are all so close on this adoption journey I think)How did YOU sleep?? I wanted to leave you with this little thing although you might have seen it before, it might have special meaning today...

A Baby’s Conversation With God

A baby asked God, 'They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow,
but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?' God
said, 'Your angels will be waiting for you and will take care of you.'

The child further inquired, 'But tell me, here in heaven I don't have
to do anything but sing and smile to be happy.' God said, 'Your angels will sing for you and will also smile for you. And you will feel your
angels’ love and be very happy.'

The child then asked, 'How am I going to be able to understand
when people talk to me if I don't know the language?' God said, 'Your
angels will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever
hear, and with much patience and care, your angels will teach you how to speak and understand.'

'And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?' the child asked, and God replied, 'Your angels will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray.'

'Who will protect me?'
God said, 'Your angels will defend you, even if it means risking their lives.'

'But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore.' And God
said, 'Your angels will always talk to you about Me and will teach you
the way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to you.'

At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth
could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, 'God, if I am to leave
now, please tell me my angels’ names.'

Sharon said...

Oops, here is the rest...

'You will simply call them Mommy and Daddy.'

Rachelle said...

Just showed Ellie your video of Ellie singing. She loved it!!! She just keeps laughing & signing more, more. Too cute!!!!!!

mommy24treasures said...

So happy for your family. Glad all is going so wonderfully. I wish you many days filled with blessings, and pray you ahve a safe trip home.

Anonymous said...

Mark & Kristy,
She is so presious!! Amy W. called me yesterday morning to say that you had called. Is it so strange out God puts people in our lives that we can connect with like the oil man putting Amy in your life. So glad to see you all so happy and that you got some sleep. I have to admit I sat at my computer yesterday and today crying with joy for you. God has given you such a gift. Praying for you, Mark and Ellie in China and for the kids here that they are doing well. Bless you my friend, see you when you get home.

Sisters in Christ,

Kimmy said...

That video clip was SO cute! You look so happy in the pictures, Kristy! ((HUGS)) to you and your sweet angel.

Steffie B. said...

Glad things are going. God is good....what an answered prayer! ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to figure out how to post to your site for a few days now....hopefully this one goes!

All I can say is thank you God for what is happening right now half a world away. My heart is bursting with joy and I cannot wait to meet Mi"ss Ellie. I am praying for you all as you get to know each other and begin bonding. Thank you Lord for a good nights sleep for Ellie and hopefully for Mom and Dad too.


P.S. Kristy, I loved the picture of Ellie checking out her coat, I imagined she was saying "wow, my mom and her friend have good taste"! Can't wait to see her in her next adorable outfit.

FHL said...

Oh, my goodness your sweet little daughter brought tears to my eyes with her happy little tune :-) Very precious!