Saturday, February 23, 2008

So, I cannot 'see' our blog...

...but praise God, I'm able to post to it !!!!!
You have no idea how excited I am about this.
Praise to our God.
He is most worthy to be praised.
Mark and I....have no words - none - to express how we feel right now.
To think that so very, very soon; we are going to meet our
precious baby daughter.
Can you even believe this?

We keep looking at each other in SHOCK.
We fly out of Beijing Monday morning and get Ellie Grace that afternoon.
How great is our God?
Let me try now to catch you all up;

all flights went well, and we arrived at our hotel - only to collapse on our bed !
But then woke up 3 hours later, and could not get back to sleep.
Mark took a walk around the hotel, we called the kids for a bit - and then finally, thankfully, fell back asleep for a couple of hours.
Breakfast was amazing, and then we were off to a FULL DAY, I mean
F.U.L.L. D.A.Y., of sightseeing.
You know what?
I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves:

Brrrrr, oh so very cold.....

Oh yes. Wonderful food.....

Olympic 'nest' building whatnot......
Sorry. We just took in SO much today - my brain is done.

The architecture is truly amazing.
Also, very interesting how superstitious they are over here.
Sad. Very sad.

Marks new friend.
She told him he had "pretty humor"......
I LOVE these people !!

Buddhist (sp?) temple in the distance..............sigh.
(think - sad sigh)

Thank you all so much for praying for us.
If ya wouldn't mind; could you say a little prayer that I can get full access to our blog - makes life much easier!
We also can't thank you enough for praying for us, our kids back home, the WONDERFUL family that is keeping them - and all the others who are helping out, and for our sweet
Ellie Grace.

Bless you.
Thank you.

In it for His glory ~ Mark and Kristy
Ps. -been there done that folks; you were SO RIGHT about the driving here in China......OH MY WOOOOORD !!!!
(Amy in Oregon - thank you for being my right hand chick !)
Haylie, Jacob and Lukie - LOVE and hugs to you!!


Tonya said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful time! And I can't believe I see blue/clear skies!!! When we were there we didn't see blue skies the entire trip. It looks beautiful! Monday is going to be so exciting and we'll be keeping all of you in prayer.

Have you tried going to ? That's what we used to view our blog? I'd give that a try.

God bless you you guys, Tonya

Walker said...

Oh, it's so exciting to see you two there in China! WOW! GOD IS GOOD!
Love, Keisha

Amy in Oregon said...

Thanks for the pictures!! looks like you are having a wonderful time. stay warm . . . 1 more day!!
love you guys!!

Amy said...

I pray God blesses your sleep. I pray you catch up to the time. I pray you are need to be able to be there for Ellie. I pray everything goes really well!

Laurie said...

Hey Kristy and Mark,

I am so glad you are getting in a little sight seeing and great food over there. This is so exciting and I agree about the driving over there. I never prayed so hard than when we were on the road. Yikes!!! I am praying right now that God is preparing your hearts for meeting eachother on Monday. Sorry you can't see your blog but praying it gets straightened out soon. Big Hugs to you from the USA.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Lizard said...

You can see your blog at Then you type in your blogs address. I wonder if you can even see these comments. Hmmm.

Wow-blue skies! We didn't see the sun once in China!

So happy for you!

Steffie B. said...

Hoping to see more pictures soon! ;)

Greg and Steph said...

Kristy and Mark,
It is so good to see y'all in China! We were in shock for the first week! LOVE the pictures!
I am praying for your safety and health!
Don't you just love the Chinese people?!?!?! They are so awesome!
Love y'all!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

So glad you are there! I can't wait to follow along!


If anybody knows their email address let them know they can view blogs by going to
Also, they need to set their blog to recieve comments by email because they probably can't see them either.

Jewels of My Heart said...

You are too cute.... I can hear the excitement in your voice all the way from China. lol
I knew you too would fall in love with this beautiful country and it's people....
You are all in my prayers. God's Speed to your precious Ellie Grace