Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nonstop Day

All day long today was go, go go.
We are so tired.
I mean so tired.
Did I mention we are tired?
Church service was.........hmm, I'll have to go into that another time (ask me later). Only foreigners with passports are allowed to go - our Chinese guide could not go in with us....
After church, we went to a Jade Factory ~

Hearing all about Jade. You would not believe all the employees in these places! They are everywhere - everywhere waiting to 'help' you spend your money!

We had a nice lunch and then......then......
went to see the Great Wall !!!!!!

The steps are crazy.

Oh hey, how did that one get in here.........??
Anyway, back to Great Wall.

Doesn't this look high up there to you?

....that's because it is. My hunk-o-muffin climbed up as high as he could go! None of us could even dare to try it.........we were all beat after the first tower.....


So, after he finally came back down, Mark and a few from our group wanted you to really know what this experience is like:

No, no - not like this (cool picture tho', huh?)

Like this.
Our group is WONDERFUL.
Have I mentioned how precious these guys are??
There are 9 families who we are so excited to share this with

- and we love you guys so much.

Oh precious Lord......

We meet our sweet girl tomorrow.


We fly outta here first thing in the morning, not sure what time we land in Shanghai - but we are going straight from the airport to Ellie Grace.


Thank you for your prayers.

We are humbled.

We are in Awe.

Could you pray for our nerves - that we are calm and well rested.....and most important pray for our little peanut, as this is her last night with life as she knows it.......
In it for HIS glory.

Oh, and one more......

Love that man !


Greg and Steph said...

Hi Y'all!
I am sitting here crying as I read your blog! I am so thankful to our Father for His faithfulness! It brings me great JOY to see you in China!
I am praying that Ellie will immediately bond to you! I pray that you (all 3 of you) are in complete and perfect peace.
I love y'all! Try to get some rest tonight... if you can! You have a lot of fun ahead of you!
Much love!

Amy in Oregon said...

Wow!! what a day!! and just think, today will just be a shadow compared to tomorrow!! All day long i'm thinking about what time it is in China . . . it's driving my family crazy!! we are praying for your all! God it good!!!
Love to you both and missing you tons!!

The Kids said...

We love you Mom and Dad! Can't wait to see you with Ellie! We're praying for you!

Love Haylie, Jacob, and Luke

Anonymous said...

GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Totally in awe of your journey! Praying the Lord will bring you the PEACE that only He can bring. Can't wait to see you w/your new baby G :)!
Love, Tad, Kar, Tayler, & Samaria

Amy said...

I just love this last photo! You are going to be parents (again)!!! Praise God! I pray you have a wonderful gotcha day!

Laurie said...

Hey Kristy,

This is so exciting to see what you are doing here on your blog!!! I just love jade too, and got a very special necklace when I was there. You can count on me to pray for your nerves for tomorrow and for Miss Ellie to be ready to meet you without fear. This is all going to be so new for her to wrap her head around. Just be yourself and she will fall in love right away:) And remember to breath and keep breathing. This won't hurt like real labor:) I just love that last picture of you and THE MAN! How perfect.

Love you tons, Laurie in Ca.

Rachelle said...

So great to see you in China!!! One more day, and then, there will be three!!!!

Amy in Oregon said...

GET UP, GET UP, GET UP!!! it's 5am on the morning you get Ellie!! you have a flight to catch, joyful tears to shed and lots of Praising God to do today!!
we are praying with you!! can't wait to see the pictures!!

Lori said...

Oh Kristy,

Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. I can't even begin to tell you how exciting all of this is for me and I don't really even know you. Well, I guess we have been blogging buddy for some time now.

I feel am so excited for you I really feel as if I'm going to cry.

It's almost time!!

Love you lots,


Emilie said...

I love the pictures. Brings back so many good memories. I am very impressed at how high up you guys made it on the Wall. I struggled to make it to the 2nd tower! I can't wait to see pics of your Ellie Grace!

Garth & Rhondie said...

Um........WOW! I don't even have words! Love~Rhondie

Jewels of My Heart said...

I'm sooooooooo excited... in just a few short hours precious Ellie Grace will be in the arms of her Mama and Daddy.... He is so faithful!!!!!
You are in my prayers and I have been stalking bloglines waiting for a post... It never showed up so I was coming to your site to leave you another message... much to my surprise... another post... woohooo I don't know why it didn't show up but am so glad I got to see you on the Great Wall.
God's Speed sweet friend..... He is about to give you the desire or your heart.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Is she in your arms yet?!?!?!?!?! I need to go to bed but I am just so excited!
Love you

Jewels of My Heart said...

Ok..... it's 12:34 Ellie's time... I must go to bed but just want to tell you that I am so happy for you all and I am praying.... enjoy the first day of the rest of eternity with your beautiful, precious daughter.
Thank You Jesus!

Amy in Oregon said...

it's now 1:08 pm ellie time . . . do you have her yet?? we are praying and can't waity to see the pictures! I guess me and jewels of my heart are on baby watch tonight!! enjoy those first moments!! love you guys!

Rachel said...

wow. I couldn't make it through that one without crying. I bet by this time you've already met Ellie. That is just too cool.

PS I love that Mark is wearing his sandy fire shirt. Representing in China!

Sharon said...

Great post! You are such a cute writer. I am praying!!!