Monday, February 04, 2008

In Awe...

Our church did the most amazing thing....

they gave us a gift, in the form of a check.
We were blown away.

We love you guys!

Mark and I keep joking that this isn't just our adoption,
it's 'Household of Faith's' adoption too!
Our church is so much a part of this.........
knowing these precious people are praying for us

and for Ellie.



Thank you Lord.


Will ya look at the time of this post?

I'm doing it already -

there is so much to think about........I can't sleep.
Is this worry? I don't think so.
There is just so much going on!

I will tell you, I'm already missing my kids.

Now, they are going to be so well taken care of it's not funny - in fact, I have a total
peace about them staying here.
But the thought of being away from them for so long?
Some of you might like time away...
I don't.

( you could put this in the prayer request category!! )

Otherwise, all is well!
We are counting down the days till we meet our sweet, sweet
baby girl........
Isn't God good?


Lori said...

How wonderful to be a part of a church that shows so much love.

I bet your kids will be so excited to be able to see Ellie.

I'll keeping praying for all of you.



Walker said...

Excitement is in the air!!
We felt the same way when we had to leave our 2 at home. We missed them so much,.... & if we ever go again.. they'll be coming with us. We were okay until the last week.! But, God kept them safe & we were glad to be home with them!

amy said...

thats just awesome..God is good!

Amy said...

God is very good! What a blessing to have a church family that really stands with you on this! I'm so glad you are not in China during this crazy CNY time. I hope everything warms up and calms down over there. I am excited for your trip. I would miss my kids too. I never did travel without them. That made things so much more stressful and costly. I'm so glad you have great people to leave them with.

Rachelle said...

I'll never forget the feeling I had, telling my kids goodnight, before we left the next morning at 3:00 a.m.....tough stuff.......but I'll also never forget the feeling when we got off that plane and saw them for the first time and introduced them to their sister......priceless.

Kimmy said...

What a wonderful blessing to have a church that is so supportive! And yes, I do know what you mean about missing your kids while you're gone. I miss my boys just while they're in school all day, and I'm at work, thinking about them whenever possible.
So happy for you . . .

Jewels of My Heart said...

That is wonderful. I love that they are supporting you in every way.
I do understand what it feels like to have your heart torn between two continents. It will go by fast though and as much as you will miss your babies you will be thankful for the one on one time to bond with your littlest baby. It will be a special time that you will always cherish. I was so worried about Nicholas... he didn't even really miss us that much he was so busy having fun.
I will be praying for you.

Laurie said...

Loving the gift from the church, Miss Ellie's step family:) It is so wonderful to know you have the support of so many in this. I will definitely be praying for your heart to be at peace while away from your kids. I know it is hard. But look what you will be bringing them!!! I feel "happy feet" coming on. Love you Kristy. Does it possibly get any better than this?
Love and Prayers, Laurie in Ca.

e-Mom said...

Loving this journey your on. I always leave here smiling! {{{Hugs}}}

Meredith Teagarden said...

What a wonderful group you must be in commnity with at your church! I tagged you if you have time for a little meme. If not, have a great journey and I hope you blog from China!!

e-Mom said...

P.S. You've been nominated for an award! Stop by when you get the chance. :~D

A Woman Who is: said...

So happy for you and all the blessings God is sending your way.
It will be amazing to bring that precious girl home.

Lori said...

I'm sure you have a lot to do to prepare for the trip but I wanted you to know that I am praying for you daily. Praying for all the smallest of details.

Love you lots,


I can't wait to see that picture with you and your family holding your little Ellie.

Walker said...

I got something for you!!! Go have a look my friend!

Steffie B. said...

That is just wonderful! God is so good!