Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If you were on China time, you would say to me "Kristy, I can't believe you did 3 posts in one day!"
And I would say,"why yes, I did."
This afternoon was a little rough, Miss Ellie let us know more than once
that she was not happy. Of course, the Lord always gives us precious moments as well.....
Dada (Ellie word) showing her pictures of Haylie
Jacob and Luke...

Not to sure about the hair bow...

So big!

Check out my snazzy bracelet Auntie Donna got for me...

Goodnight from China.


Amy said...

It's great to see she lets her dad dress her. That's very good! She will probably be a daddys girl! Wow, 3 posts in one day! Amazing!!! Your Ellie is so cute! I bet you just want to eat her up! Sleep well! I'm really happy for you!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Hopefully as I write this you three will be sound asleep having sweet, sweet dreams.
Thank you for thinking of us with 3 posts.... woohoo
Little Ellie has been through so much... I am amazed at how well she is doing. You are in my prayers.
God's speed Home

Amy in Oregon said...

wow!! 3 posts in one day . . . we are loving it here!! thanks for taking the time to post all those pictures about your trip. it's nice to see her sitting on marks lap!! so sweet!! she looks very happy and so do you two!! can't wait for you to get home. we're praying!! sleep tight!!

Garth & Rhondie said...

Who loves Baby? That is a fantastic book. Ellie will know who everybody is before she even gets home.

Ahhhhh, nothing like baby buns crack!!!! She is just too cute! ~ Rhondie

Anonymous said...

We are loving reading about your adventure from so far away. Meggie is now excited to go "see pictures of baby ellie!" every day. Ellie is a delight, and a blessing, and soon she will be calling YOU "mama nana". And how sweet that will be! Love you, sis, and tell Mark we are still going...." CHINA......"and shaking our heads.

Kelly and Meggie

A Servant's Heart In Dixie said...

Even though we haven't "commented" until now, we HAVE been watching each step of your journey. When I saw the picture of you FINALLY holding your precious blessing, tears poured down my cheeks. All I can say is, "Kristy & Mark, you are VERY special people - and we know God has some VERY special blessings for you - and this precious little one." May He bless you bunches!!
Mary Lee & Mike

Teagues said...

Oh Kristy, she is so beautiful. I was catching up on you today. We are all anxiously waiting for TA's here..
It is so sad to hear about her crying for na na..but I LOVED her sweet.
Praying for you!!

Britney K said...

Hi Kristy and family,
You have NO idea who I am and really I have no idea who you are except that I read your blog. My dear friend Amy Woods sent me your blog link. We are praying her travel plans into existence at the moment. Anyway, I just want to send you blessings from Dallas. It has been so fun and refreshing to read your posts. Praise God for sweet and smooth transitions for little Ellie. Safe travels to you. May you be filled up by the Father today as you go about your fun adventure!

Anonymous said...

Miss Reese likes to see all the pictures. She's very confused to hear about "Ellie" when we've been talking about baby "Eily" (in mommy's tummy). We'll just have to plan on meeting her VERY soon so she can get the two figured out. :-)

Love, Sarah

PS: What size is she really wearing?

Lori said...

Awwwww! She is just so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristy its Allie, but my mom says hi. We miss you guys sooooo much our little cousin is to cute!!!! :) We love you and can't wait to see you!!! Tell Ellie hi! Ella looked up when i played the video of Ellie signing ha ha!!!
The Harris'
p.s. i hope Ellie likes her blanket:)