Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I might even get two posts in today!
We had another wonderful night - this baby can sleep!
Praise Jesus.
Today we have a down day - the 3 of us are going to attempt Shanghai on our own,
no taxi, just walking around. I'm ready to brave the stares (not my thing)...
These are some pictures from last night and this morning.
Copying mom....
...the plumber...
This little punkin makes us laugh!
She has quite the little belly (I hear a cute nickname coming...)
She's just too yummy.
Cute jammies- remember these Haylie?

I'm so CUTE.
This was from this morning -she let daddy dress her.

I love my hat!

" Just give me the juice and no one gets hurt...."

How can you resist that??

Our beautiful little blessing.

There is something about the backside that is just too, too adorable....

Figured out the suitcase....

So, last night, Ellie just decided to get up and walk. Thats right, she didn't even
try before that.....we wondered if she even could? She's quite wobbly - not at all like
a 2 year old should. That's to be expected.
She prefers me, but will let Mark do almost anything...which again is more than
we expected. She is such a character (like her dad).
She still continues to sing. We asked our guide what she was saying, she said it was just
baby babble. Too cute.
We are so blessed.
Again, thank you everyone for your beautiful comments.
(and Hey Miss Sophia! Tell your daddy thank you for the heads up about
blog access - we're going to try it later today. Ellie says hi, and we all
can't WAIT to see the 3 of you on Friday!!)
Oh, something else I wanted to mention; she has a large scar on her tummy
that we had no clue about. We were concerned that maybe there was something that
we were not made aware of. But Praise God, it's only from her skin grafts when she had surgery
on her little fingers. Bless her little heart - the surgery that was done her in China was not good, she cannot straighten out her fingers. It looks like they just real quick did a snip snip, and that was it. Can't wait to get her home.
Can't wait to be home.
Love to you all.


Amy in Oregon said...

we are hoping for 2 posts today, too!!! i came to peek at that wonderful singing clip - again - and am so happy i did because of the new pictures!! Ellie looks so wonderfully happy!! We are thrilled for your family and we are praising God for this new little one in your life!! Have a happy adventure today!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cutie!! I used to volunteer at the shanghai orphanage from 2000 until 2003, and then I started to volunteer during the summers during 2004 and 2006. I lived in Shanghai from 1999 until 2003. This little girl is beautiful, a true gift from God, you guys are truly blessed.

God Bless!

Rachelle said...

Can't get enough of those pictures! Ellie is a doll!!!! Ellie XuRui loves to keep watching that singing video!
Reading your blog, and seeing your story......makes Mark want to go back again I think,.......I may have to shut him off from reading your blog : )
Hey, I just had a thought. Maybe the girls could make a video "It's signing time with Ellie & Ellie"

Laurie said...


I think I've been back here to hear the singing clip 8 or 9 times now. It is just precious and she is singing from her heart. You are getting the most beautiful pictures of her and I just can't believe what a little beauty she is. Is your heart on overflow yet??:) I feel like she is my second granddaughter:) I love her.
I can't wait to see the reunion pictures of her with Haylee, Jake and Luke.!!!!! Wait till she gets home, she will rule the roost!!

Take care and safe travel,
Love you, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sis! This is Kelly again! Just wanted to let you know we are ALL so thrilled and enjoying your videos and pictures! Rick and Sandy want to know if there is anything the baby needs, Kathy is coming over tomorrow to see all the blog pictures, Mom and Kevin and Sherry are checking in every day......and KERRY! I forgot to call KERRY! I'll get that little taco-headed hush puppy to keep an eye on the blog, too!
When ARE you coming home, by the way? Did you still want all of us to meet you at the airport (cuz we are all DYING to!)? It looks like that precious little baby is taking to you guys really well, Praise God! Are Hay-hay, Uke, and Jacob just TOO excited, or WHAT!?!?!? Our prayers continue, and our love flows your way (and Dale is still going, "........Mark........in CHINA........."and shaking his head.

Luv, Ellie's Auntie Kelly (no remarks about the 'belly' now...)

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Kristy, she is just so beautiful.... Ellie looks so happy, she is radient. My heart overflows with joy for you and your little miracle... So much to be thankful for, so much to praise Him for.
Enjoy your adventure in Shanghai... oh, how I love China, and her people....
When we were in Nanchang an elderly lady came up to us and patted Hannah and then patted me on the back... she had a big smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She said "Shee Shee" (thank you) I don't know how to spell it.... it touched my heart so deeply. Some of the stares you receive will be that of love and gratitude.
God Bless You

Laura said...

She is beautiful and I am so happy for you.