Saturday, February 23, 2008

HA !!

We can see our blog AND the comments !!!!
Thanks Lord.
Also, thanks for the info on how to do it guys.
I actually figured out another way to do it as well, and am going to pass on the info to everyone else in our group.
Blessings ~
......more to come after church, jade factory, lunch, and the Great Wall......


Rachelle said...

It all brings back sooo many memories. Hope you're having a great time. The church service is awesome!!!! Can't wait to see you with Ellie in your arms!!!!!!!!!

Amy in Oregon said...

Have a wonderful Lord's Day!!! you're almost to the BIG DAY!! enjoy your last day as parents of 3!! love you guys!!

Lori said...

I'm waiting!!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Yet another prayer answered.... I hope your day is wonderful.
When you get home and things settle down... you will have to tell me about your church experience. I am assuming it is a government sanctioned one you are visiting.
Blow China a kiss for me....
God's Speed

Meredith Teagarden said...

Oh I am so thrilled for you!!!! I am on the edge of my seat for you :)!

Greg and Steph said...


I am so glad you can see the blog and comments! Cannot wait to hear more about your trip!
Love y'all!