Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another somewhat down day here in Shanghai.
We went around the city a bit with our guide. I cannot believe how HUGE
Shanghai is!
This is our princess right before we were to leave, she was letting
us know that she was not happy ( the ONLY time today!!)

This beautiful garden is called The Shanghai Yu Garden - it was
built 500 years ago....

There's one everywhere....

And of course, we're getting really good at zonking this kid just pray that
it's this easy on the plane! We fly to Guangzhou tomorrow. We are very excited to hook back
up with our travel group...

I'm just too cute for words!

She is wearing 12 and 18 months clothes. At
first I thought she wouldn't fit into half the stuff we brought - but she does!

Okay, so bear with me - here is yet another video, we just can't help it!!


Lord, once again, words don't even come close to describing how blessed we feel - that You have placed this baby girl in our lives - we are truly grateful.
And in Awe.
Thank you again, for the comments - and those who don't even know us that take the time to encourage, bless you. It means more than we could ever say.
Love to you all.


Amy said...

What a wonder!!!

Anonymous said...

When I saw the first video of Ellie singing a song, I thot, "Oh, she will just love "itsy bitsy spider"!" She looks so "at home" and comfortable with you guys in the pictures, and you are right---her face is just too adorable for words. How much fun Haylie, Jacob, and Luke are going to have when you all come home!

Kelly (who couldn't sleep so she thot she'd check your blog!)

Laurie said...

Oh Kristy!!!!!!!!!
You are so blessed to have this child. Her spirit runs deep and she is going to amaze your family in the years to come. Don't you just love the itsy-bitsy spider?? Words can't express the joy I feel when I watch her, knowing what a blessed life waits for her just an airplane ride away. I can't wait for you to be home. She is going to enjoy her new life sooooooooooo much. Jesus picked out the most beautiful girl for you, just beautiful!!!! I love you girl and we will have some telephone time when things settle down.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Kristy..... Have I told you how BEAUTIFUL your daughter is...... She just melts my heart.
Shanghai is wonderful. That garden must have been incredible.
You will love Guangzhou!!!!!!! Please tell our friend Hi for us and if he remembers us and wants to give you his email or address we would love to stay in touch.
I am just so excited for you all. Praying for you and your babies at home too.
Will be praying for your flight... it will be ok, she is doing so wonderful.

ManyBlessings said...

She is so beautiful and I've loved watching your journey to her!

Amy in Oregon said...

oh. my. goodness. what a wonderful cutie!! The pictures of shanghai are great, but that little ellie is too sweet for words!! 2/3 of the trip down, 1/3 left . . . you're almost home!! Praying for your family and enjoy Guangzhou!! miss you guys!!

Lori said...


Those video's are go wonderful. She is a cutie pie that is for sure. I love your singing voice too! : )


BTW-I love your laugh!

Anonymous said...

Only 12-18 month?! Wow. I just packed up most of Reese's 12-18 month stuff so if you need to borrow anything it's in a nice plastic box ready to go! You are singing the exact same songs Reese is learning and loves. :-) Now they will have some common ground to play on! Try "Happy Birthday" next. ;-)

The Kids said...

We love her and can't wait to see you all. She sings good too! We miss you!


trex said...

This Blog is wonderful. Thank You for sharing. Ellie is very precious, truley a blessing.....from ur freinds@boeing

Anonymous said...

I love the singing. I think she's gonna take after her mama.


FHL said...

Oh my goodness, she picked that up so fast! What a bright little babe you have :-) Looking at all the photo's just brings a smile to my heart....Thanks!

nikki said...

I can see why you can't stop yourself with the videos - your daughter is absolutely amazing.
Love how animated and vocal she is with you already - look out! I can only imagine what is to come.
Many blessings to you!

Sharon said...

She is amazing! I love how she loves to sing and you are so good with her.

Anonymous said...

We hear a new praise & worship singer in the making :)! We have watched the videoclips over and over and over again. Continually lifting you all up in prayer.

Tad, Kar, Tayler, & Samaria

Anonymous said...

Ellie is amazing! What a delight to hear her imitate you. You can tell she is one bright little girl. I look forward to the time of day when I can sit down and check out your blog, it has been such an incredible joy and blessing to see the pictures of you two with her. Not only is it blessing me, my kids crowd around the computer to get the updates as well. We are all so incredibly excited to meet miss Ellie.


Rachelle said...

Love, love, love the itsy bitsy spider!!!! We are headed to California tomorrow. Wish you were there!!!! Safe travels to you all!

the harris' said...

Hey its us and by us we mean the harris' we miss ya and ellie is sooo cute we are continually praying for you and sharing the blog with everyone she makes mw smile!!!! Tell ellie her cousin allie says hi!!! we miss you!!!!

allie (ellie's cousin) said...

hey it's allie harris i wanted to add to little ellie she is a great singer and will love to share time with her and hialey!!!!p.s. hope she likes her blanket i made her

Meredith Teagarden said...


That is one of the most beautiful renditions of the itsy bitsy spider I have ever seen in my whole life. That song has never made me tear up before today! I think mama does the spider perfectly, I can tell by your audience!