Wednesday, February 13, 2008

8 more days...

So I missed yesterday.
So - I still want to catch up on stuff....
First, I want to share some sweet love that has been sent my way..

This sweet 'lovie' was sent from the ever so
dear "Laurie in Ca." - who is so
precious to my heart.
**hugs to you**
(I meant to do this sooner!)

Next, the beautiful Rachelle had to
make sure our Ellie was decked out in her own Signing Time Shirt...
(what time is it...???)

And last but never, ever least..... a beautiful
secret pal sent Ellie Grace the most adorable
AND - chocolate to top it off........ lasted about 5 seconds in this home.....

Thank you sweet Pal!
( although, I'm sad because I haven't received a pal of my own yet, from our Yahoo group.... :o( )
I posted a link at the top right hand
side of my blog to one of our
very cool, very sweet,
very excited, travel buddies!!
If ya get a sec, go say howdy....
Blessings ~


Amy said...

hmmmm . . . now that i got you to post i'm missing that sweet boy face with the wonderful eyelashes!! guess i'll have to spend my week scrolling down!! can't wait to meet miss ellie!! praying for you as you finish details and leave for you trip of a lifetime!!
-Amy in Oregon

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing...I'll keep praying and reading.

Happy Valentines Day


Rachelle said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Enjoy the day with your MAN!