Friday, February 29, 2008

We are on the home stretch of this journey!!!!
Guangzhou is fantastic. I think mainly because we are getting to
see all of the wonderful families from our group again.
I love it here!!
Here is our 'princess' ready to leave for the airport....
This man was very sweet,
he was so excited to find out that Ellie would have
surgery on her hands in the U.S.
Too funny.......Mark actually got in trouble for taking this......
Official Chinese man said "no picture"...
Big Boeing triple 7 - my man was pretty stoked....
Someone MUST have been praying!!
She fell right to sleep.....

Woo hoo. Check out this window guys!

I can't wait to sleep in that!

Little Chinese baby having fun...

OH NO. She found the t.v.
nonononono !


Oh my. She was so precious on the flight.
This is Ellie starting to fall asleep.
Thank you Jesus, for another precious day with our
new baby girl.
Haylie, Jacob and Luke - miss you bunches, have fun with Kris
(and behave.)

Please be praying for our group - there are some different 'concerns'
that need prayer - thanks for understanding that I won't go into details, but please lift this
group up....
Thank you.
May His name be praised and glorified.
Blessings ~
(By the way, just wanted to let folks know that we still can only see our blog,
we're not able to go to anyone else's...)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another somewhat down day here in Shanghai.
We went around the city a bit with our guide. I cannot believe how HUGE
Shanghai is!
This is our princess right before we were to leave, she was letting
us know that she was not happy ( the ONLY time today!!)

This beautiful garden is called The Shanghai Yu Garden - it was
built 500 years ago....

There's one everywhere....

And of course, we're getting really good at zonking this kid just pray that
it's this easy on the plane! We fly to Guangzhou tomorrow. We are very excited to hook back
up with our travel group...

I'm just too cute for words!

She is wearing 12 and 18 months clothes. At
first I thought she wouldn't fit into half the stuff we brought - but she does!

Okay, so bear with me - here is yet another video, we just can't help it!!


Lord, once again, words don't even come close to describing how blessed we feel - that You have placed this baby girl in our lives - we are truly grateful.
And in Awe.
Thank you again, for the comments - and those who don't even know us that take the time to encourage, bless you. It means more than we could ever say.
Love to you all.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good morning!


Once again, may I introduce - the Chinese Singer....
(yup - that's my girl!)
Haylie, Jacob and Luke; just a little bit ago, she was kissing your picture!
Whoa. We might get yet another 2 post-er day!
Blesssings ~

If you were on China time, you would say to me "Kristy, I can't believe you did 3 posts in one day!"
And I would say,"why yes, I did."
This afternoon was a little rough, Miss Ellie let us know more than once
that she was not happy. Of course, the Lord always gives us precious moments as well.....
Dada (Ellie word) showing her pictures of Haylie
Jacob and Luke...

Not to sure about the hair bow...

So big!

Check out my snazzy bracelet Auntie Donna got for me...

Goodnight from China.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Right now I'm listening to a temper tantrum, so while that continues on in the background - I'll show you what Shanghai looks like.
First, Chinese laundry........

He did a pretty good job too!
Okay, now lets take a walk around.......

Notice the men hanging...

Inside one of the many malls around here....

Electrical nightmare......

Take a look at the umbrella...

Hanging out with mom and dad.

Did not know this was here!

Once again, we pooped her out.

Our hotel.
This is a beautiful park in front of our hotel.....

Okay. Thats all for now - I'm going to try for a 3rd post before bed - but right now
I need to attend to the princess. She's actually falling back asleep during this tantrum.......sigh.
She keeps saying "ma ma, na na".
Oh, baby girl......

I might even get two posts in today!
We had another wonderful night - this baby can sleep!
Praise Jesus.
Today we have a down day - the 3 of us are going to attempt Shanghai on our own,
no taxi, just walking around. I'm ready to brave the stares (not my thing)...
These are some pictures from last night and this morning.
Copying mom....
...the plumber...
This little punkin makes us laugh!
She has quite the little belly (I hear a cute nickname coming...)
She's just too yummy.
Cute jammies- remember these Haylie?

I'm so CUTE.
This was from this morning -she let daddy dress her.

I love my hat!

" Just give me the juice and no one gets hurt...."

How can you resist that??

Our beautiful little blessing.

There is something about the backside that is just too, too adorable....

Figured out the suitcase....

So, last night, Ellie just decided to get up and walk. Thats right, she didn't even
try before that.....we wondered if she even could? She's quite wobbly - not at all like
a 2 year old should. That's to be expected.
She prefers me, but will let Mark do almost anything...which again is more than
we expected. She is such a character (like her dad).
She still continues to sing. We asked our guide what she was saying, she said it was just
baby babble. Too cute.
We are so blessed.
Again, thank you everyone for your beautiful comments.
(and Hey Miss Sophia! Tell your daddy thank you for the heads up about
blog access - we're going to try it later today. Ellie says hi, and we all
can't WAIT to see the 3 of you on Friday!!)
Oh, something else I wanted to mention; she has a large scar on her tummy
that we had no clue about. We were concerned that maybe there was something that
we were not made aware of. But Praise God, it's only from her skin grafts when she had surgery
on her little fingers. Bless her little heart - the surgery that was done her in China was not good, she cannot straighten out her fingers. It looks like they just real quick did a snip snip, and that was it. Can't wait to get her home.
Can't wait to be home.
Love to you all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

This baby girl slept 12 HOURS last night...
Yes - 12 hours.
Oh, sweet Lord !
She wouldn't let us take off the rest of her orphanage clothes, so she slept in 2 of the layers...

Breakfast was wonderful, mainly because she was wonderful!
This kid eats anything.
"Check out my cool jacket that Miss Dena helped my mom pick out for me"
Thanks, Dena!
...and my cutie-bug hat that I want my bear to wear...
Today has been a much better day, thank you so much for praying for us. Ellie has had a few bouts of crying (very sad huge tears) but seems to snap right out of it......amazing child. We spent another full day out and about - mostly doing paperwork....
Here's some rules for getting married in China in case you were wondering...

......and after you get married, you can choose from one of the many, many, many, many, many, many, that are all around.

.....but then the most exciting thing that you would get to do next, is to buy a teeny tiny car, and drive though the streets of Shanghai...

Anyway - we spent the day in offices like the one below. By the way; that's our sweet guide 'Sandra' with me.....isn't she cute?

We also got to meet many official-Chinese-people, like this one below
(can't tell you who she was, though!)

And THEN, joy of all joys - we went into Chinese Walmart, called Carrefour. Ellie was pretty into it all, and wanted to hold everything...

After such a long day - she's back to where we started....

Mark and I are getting caught up on the computer. I cannot thank you all
enough for your wonderful comments - you have no idea how much they mean
to us, especially when your so far away from home....

....I think now we're going to party, Chinese style!

video I saved the best for last - our little Chinese singer....! Thank you Lord, for such a sweet blessed day with our little one -
Please continue to pray for us, and for the other families in our group as well, if you would.
Love to you all.
Hay, Jake and Luke - we LOVE you SO much!
Miss you bunches.