Tuesday, January 01, 2008

OH, oh oh !!!

Look at our girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These were sent to us by Janet from Superkids
(they were taken in October)
These pictures have left us totally speechless.
This little peanut
Thank you Jesus.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! so happy you got some pictures. can't wait to meet your ellie!!!!
-Amy in Oregon

Kimmy said...

SO SWEET! Happy New Year, Kristy!

Amy said...

Wow Kristy, She is so wonderful! Her orphanage looks great too! What a bright and happy start she has had! You should be going soon! Are you packed? Do you have your house child proofed? This kid is walking!

Laurie said...

Okay, Now you have done it. My heart is melted as I look at this precious Miss Ellie. How wonderful for you to get some great pictures to keep you going until she gets here. This is the year that the Lord has made for Miss Ellie to be forever yours in your home. Love you girl and have a most wonderful New Year.

Love, Laurie

Walker said...

Oh my goodness! She looks like she's a Real Ham! ;0) What a blessing! & What a way to start of the new year!!!
Blessings & Happy New Year!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, my gosh! I have goose bumps. She is so beautiful, she is so darling. Look at that little smile and the twinkel in her eye. What a treasure these photos are... a priceless gift indeed.
Happy New Year sweet friend.... God's Speed to your precious daughter. I take comfort in knowing that she is safely nestled in the loving arms of Jesus as she waits for her Mama and Daddy to bring her home.

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

Oh, is she precious! Get ready to be the center of attention wherever you go; she is beautiful.

How long until you get this girly home? Our kiddos are all domestic (and open) adoptions.


Rachelle said...

Love the pictures! How blessed you are to get them. She has the same grin in the first picture, as her referral picture. It won't be long now!

Chelsea said...

SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizard said...

YAY!!! She is beautiful and I love the fish!!

Greg and Steph said...

OH KRISTY!!!! She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! You may think I am crazy, but she looks like Mark! I am totally serious!

I cannot wait to see you holding her!
Love y'all!

Steffie B. said...

She is just precious! C'mon TA! ;)

e-Mom said...

Oh, oh, oh... indeed! What a cute little peanut. You must be beside yourself with joy. I can hardly stand the anticipation. You go girl. PTL!!!


Anna Marie said...

Wow, what an amazing precious gift! I am very excited for you and your family. I know your arms must be longing to hold her. It won't be long now! :)

Hannah S. said...

she is so cute!!!!