Friday, December 21, 2007

Thank you Lord

A couple of very cool things;
First, I found this amazing site called, Superkids. They are a nonprofit organization that sends pediatric therapists (physical, occupational, speech, and play) to orphanages around the world.
In October, they were in Ellie's orphanage, and on a whim I decided to email them and sent pictures.
Here was the reply from Janet, the founder of this beautiful organization:
I absolutely recognize your daughter!
The first time I met her, she was in a playroom. She was smiling and very inquisitive. I think I must have looked funny to her. She is VERY SWEET and seems VERY HAPPY. She was noticeably the most active child in her group. She was walking all over the place and trotting back and forth between her caregiver and me. She seemed sociable and friendly. She was bright and alert - and sooooo beautiful.
Wow. Wow. Wow.
We all yelled out together " she can WALK!!" - as her (limited) records were not very clear.
Indeed, I think our family's Christmas was just made perfect by this little email.
Thank you sweet Jesus.
We received our PA today - which is just a pre-approval before the approval.....
I kind of selfishly wished we could have been able to skip over that and go
straight to the approval.
But this is how things are done, and it's did and done!!!
whatever that meant!
Blessings, blessings and more blessings to you !


Steffie B. said...

I think you just got the best Christmas present ever.....besides having her in your arms!

Merry Christmas! ;)

Amy said...

Wow!!! Thank God for this news! Thank God for the PA too. We are talking weeks women, you had better start packing because you are going to China! Merry Christmas and a very happy & blessed to the very highest amount in 2008!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a special treasure... what a comfort it must be to know she is doing so well. You are one step closer to holding your daughter in your arms.
Merry Christmas and God's Speed sweet friend

Greg and Steph said...

I am so thankful that our Father gave you this gift for Christmas! You and Ellie are on His mind! This has brought such a big smile to my face! What a blessing!
Much love!

Kimmy said...

I love hearing about Ellie. She sounds so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Lord, Indeed!!! I pray your LOA comes QUICK!!!
Merry Christmas!!
-Amy in oregon

Walker said...

Oh Kristy! On Dec. 21 a year ago...we were Pre-Approved for Faith!! Wow! Congrats! I know yall are excited! It made our Christmas too! Is your baby girl in foster care? Also, have you ever heard about "Blessed Kids"? We used them to get updated pictures of Faith. Just reading your post, brings back so many memories and emotions we had not very long ago & now Faith is here! Praise God! It won't be long and your baby girl will be home to!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Lizard said...

YAY!!! Congrats on your PA! I felt like a huge weight lifted when we got ours. And how great you heard something about your daughter!! It is so encouraging to have those words!

Merry Christmas!!

annakristine said...

I just happened across your blog via Pensieve. The adoption process is so exciting. Blessings!

Lori said...

Happy Belated Christmas to you.

Happy New Year too!

e-Mom said...

Tearing up here...

That e-mail must have been the best Christmas present ever!!! Oh, I'm so thrilled Ellie's can walk and she's a happy girl.

Have a wonderful Christmas/New Year's holiday, Kristy.

Love ya, e-Mom