Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Remember my 'bookcase' post?

My God never ceases to AMAZE me.
He cares about all details, big and small.
Here is just one of them; He provided us with a bookcase that I've been obsessing wanting for my boy's room.
My beautiful friend Kristi
cool name, huh? was over here and as she's listening to my story about looking for one, she turns to me and says " I have one just sitting in my garage!"
Okay, not only that; but she built the thing herself!
As for me, being tool/measurement/all the above 'challenged'- I am q-u-i-t-e amazed here, to say the least.
It's beautiful - the picture doesn't do it justice.
Want another story? Wanna hear what else He's doing?
I'm going to tell you anyway
We have been needing a new laptop battery for our trip to China. We've been pricing them - but I'm sure as you know, they're not cheap!
So one one day last week I get this email from another precious friend (who has no idea) asking us if we want a battery.
Their laptop completely died on them, and they are going to go purchase a new computer- but, she had just bought a new battery two months ago - so she was wondering if we wanted it.......................He cares about all details. All of them.
In Awe ~ Kristy


Lori said...

God is so very good!

Love you dear friend,


Rachelle said...

He's always working to orcastrate the plans He has for His children.

Amy said...

That's a great looking bookshelf! Make sure and bolt it to the wall so it does not fall on anyone. Any word on when you travel?

Lizard said...

Hi Kristy-

My name is Liz and we are with AWAA and we live in San Jose, CA. We are presently waiting on our LOA for our DD in Anhui. I homeschool my kids, well sort of these days, and I LOVE John Piper!!!


Your DD is so sweet!!


Jewels of My Heart said...

How fun! I love that you know from Whom these blessings flow and that you give Him ALL THE GLORY!

Walker said...

God just loves us like that!! He is Awesome, and has the Best timing in the World!! ;0)

God Bless!

e-Mom said...

Your prayer life is amazing. I love stories like these. :~D

Laurie said...


Don't you just love the way God pays attention to detail?? I don't understand how people can feel that He is impersonal, come on, a computer battery that you happen to need, a bookcase that you need, for FREE? And look at that little face in the picture that melts me to puddles! God is so good all of the time and I love how He surprises you!!! You are loved so much by Him and by Me. Praying for Miss Ellie's arrival to complete the dream.

Love you, Laurie in Ca.