Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So many blessings....

In so many ways.

We set up Ellie Grace's crib this past weekend.
Now it all seems so real!

We used all of my daughters bedding from when she was a baby (12 years ago!), even all the pictures. To me, God provided all of this - who would of known that I would of pulled all this out 12 years later for a new little peanut? I'm amazed; we don't have the extra $$ (cause we're in the middle of an adoption folks !!) for me to be running out and purchasing all new stuff, and yet God graciously is allowing me to have a beautiful room for this child........all without spending a dime!

We've had so many big and little blessings come our way - friends helping us out financially, my husband getting an unexpected bonus at work, hearing my children pray for their new sister every day, even PRECIOUS dresses from a sweet friend:

Can you say YUMMY ?????

I have much to be thankful for.......
Have a blessed, wonderful Thanksgiving.
Much love xoxo

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I feel like I should post something, but not a whole lot comes to mind!

Of course, we are still over the moon with our sweet Ellie Grace - it's all we talk about now, China and Ellie!

All the necessary paperwork is in China, and we are in the wait process once again - it's all good.
shhhhh - there has been talk that we might go before the end of the year !
PRAY !!!!
I'm using this time to nest.
Someone said to me, 'your in your 7th month right now' - I have this urgency to get things done !!!!!!!
Kinda crazy. Organizing everything, going through EVERYTHING. Getting hung up on silly things; I've been obsessed lately with getting a bookcase.

Yea, a bookcase.
How dumb is this?
I NEED one though! I'm re-organizing my boy's room and darn it, I tell ya, a bookcase will just make my life right.
ohhhh, this girl is losing it !
I sit here and think, I can't go to China until I get all this stuff done and find this GOOFY bookcase - I've lived on Craig*list lately, trying to find THE right one.....

oh my.
SEE? Now that I've given you a little glimpse into my strange life, am I not crazy ??
Will you still be my friend??
God is good. He's right here, the whole time, comforting, giving me peace. Really !!!
Thanks Lord.
I have the most incredible friends that God has given me. They are right here for me, offering to do what-anything-ever they can!!!!
One friend, came over last week and cleaned my bathrooms.
YOU GUYS ! She cleaned my bathrooms, ~just because she's precious and can read her dear friends heart. Wow.
Little things like that, I'm so blessed. Friendships are beautiful, aren't they?

I want to give a love to my MAN; who I know reads this !
Have I told you lately how incredible you are?
Well, you are.
I love you.
Okay, that's all. But actually it's a LOT !!

Have a blessed day guys!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I am still on a cloud.

Last week I couldn't do much of anything, we hardly even homeschooled - I felt like I was bumping into walls! who knows, maybe I was!!

Here. Lets take another look at that adorable little face:

These pictures are so sad ! They're not the greatest quality, are they?

At this point, we're just at the waiting stage (once again!) to find out when we can travel to get her. Our agency seems to think it will be quick. We'll see. The thought did occur to us that we might possibly be gone over Christmas, again; we'll see what happens!

While we were reviewing her referral; we were faced with some scary "issues" that she may of had - does that make sense? Anyhow, God not only took those away, He took them completely away. It was truly amazing. We were told by different doctors "NO,she does NOT have this, or NO, she does NOT have that. Syndrome's that I had never even heard of before that either China had diagnosed her with, or a doctor was mistaken about.
Amy in Germany: your post on Hep B was so incredibly timely for us, I learned a lot from you - we thought that was an issue that we had to face, only to find out I read the results wrong.

All this babbling on to say; God did something amazing in this girls heart. Our little peanut has webbed fingers and toes (all of them). I wasn't going to share that, but I mean, once you see the pictures of all of us when we're in China, you would definitely know anyway!
So, at first I was........not sure how to explain it. Concerned? Apprehensive? I don't know. Something. But, then all these other things started creeping in, different needs that we were not prepared for at all. But you know what? During all that, the needs that she did have became like nothing to us. Now I've probably lost everyone.......I'm sorry if I'm all over the place. What I'm trying to say is: I was once scarred of the little things that she had to face, but in light of the bigger issues she could of faced, I had incredible peace. Peace about it all.
Oh man. I just reread all that. If your still reading - sorry!

All that to say; God, you are so truly amazing.
Thank you so much.
I am so blessed.
Blessed by this little peanut, who I stare at all the time.
Blessed by all the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL people whom I have "met" because of this adoption.....
you know who you all are!
***big happy content sigh here***


Friday, November 02, 2007

In Awe, Overwhelmed, Speechless, OHMY !!

I'm just going to do this, cause I can't wait any longer!!!!
Miss Ellie Grace
Our little peanut !
She was born on November 30, 2005
Currently she is in the SWI in Shanghai.
I've yet to figure out what Province she's from.
We are BEYOND excited. I've been in a daze - it all came so unexpected.
For travel, for finances, for the kids that are staying home, for the surgery that she'll need, that she even LIKES us !!!!!
God is good.
So good.
I can see His hand in this every-step-of-the-way.
The 3 years it took to get to this point. The 15+ months we've been on the waiting child list......
I'm doing good, really. I just cry at anything now - I am so grateful.
In awe.
We have a little peanut in China waiting for us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I turn 36 TOMORROW - who could ask for a better gift ??!!!
Can ya hear me singing His praises??!!
Love to you all

Thursday, November 01, 2007


We have a daughter.

More to come.....I Promise !!!!!!!!!!
I don't mean to keep doing this, I'll post more when I'm allowed to! Agency stuff.......