Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Can you say Fon du Lac?

That's where the man and I will be spending all of next week.
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
Ever heard of it?
Work is sending him there, and I get to go with him!
I am actually so very excited to get to spend a week alone with that handsome man of mine, it doesn't matter to me where we go!!
I'm bringing my laptop, a few good books..........it sounds so wonderful! (I will miss my babies like crazy though)
Except that I made the mistake of having some dental work done this week that I had been putting off - yikes.
Just a cracked filling - but fer' goodness sakes, my head won't stop pounding!
I have to go in one more time on Thursday, which I'm dreading..........I'm just praying that by the time I step on that plane, I'll be feeling much better.
Since Lori asked, I wanted to mention that there not much news on the adoption front for us.
We are still in the waiting-trusting-waiting-more waiting......stage.
It's ALL good.
God so knows what He's doing, and I am sooooo good with that!
Believe me, when we find out anything, you all will be the first (or second!) to know!!!!
Blessings ~


Rachelle said...

Have a great time! (are you ever home?) : )
Have been reading the link you posted about Copeland, what an incredible family. My heart and prayers go out to them.

Amy said...

It should be wonderful! Have a great trip! I leave Oregon on the 7Th of Oct. I hope we can have lunch at the airport?

Kimmy said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your man.
I'll pray for you about your tooth issues.
And I'll continue to pray regarding the adoption.
Blessings to you!

Robin said...

Giggles...this is fun reading backwards...