Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It has been quite awhile since I've been able, or have even wanted, to post!
Summer has been so very full (as in fulfilling) of my family, the last thing I've wanted to do is sit in front of my computer.
Life has been good !
Yesterday, we spent the day in the ER with our 9yr old son. He's been having different 'concerns' over the last month, but after many tests (and still not a whole lot of answers) we think we might be onto something - we'll see how treatment goes!
Poor kid is supposed to head off to cubscout camp tomorrow, and the momma in me is screaming " NO WAY!!!" But, the daddy is assuring me he'll be just fine!
I'm so thankful for my man; if it wasn't for him our son wouldn't be able to : drive a tractor
(still gives my heart failure) , operate a weed-eater (he could slice his LEG open for goodness sake!) shoot a BB gun (AAAHH!!) or do all the many other things that dads train up their sons in.
If I had my way, he'd be wrapped up in pillows, hobbling through the house (well, no....I wouldn't THINK to let him go outside!!!)
(not really)
You see, what this girl does is she places her trust in her Heavenly Father.
If my man says "no Kristy, "9 year old son " is gonna be fine..."
I say alright.
It's all good.
I still have my motherly instinct going on here, folks. I still have my say.
But see, my man may know a little more in the 'boyhood' dept. because guess what?
He was one!
When I trust what my man says, I in turn, am trusting God. He put my man in charge for a reason. Even if my man makes the wrong call (and I refrain from singing "I told ya so!")
it's that my trust is in God, and God being the ever so cool God that He is, put that handsome dude of mine in charge - DOESN'T mean that I don't have my say.
So if your about to leave a comment about 'our motherly rights.......' RE-READ this post, okay -or at least read the last 8 words of the sentence above this one.
What else?
Oh I know:
Do you savor life?
Do you drink in things?
The birds.
The green grass.
The flowers outside.
The sounds around you.
The way the sun rises and shines on everything.
Your children.
Your absolutely scrumptious, God given, husband that you can't get enough of........oops.
Need to get ahold of myself here, sorry about that!
Not really.
Okay. I'm finished rambling here! Your all saying, "thank goodness".
Enjoy today.
Savor moments.
Give praise to Jesus Christ.
Have a WONDERFUL day, guys!


Kimmy said...

This was such a great post! Thank God for husbands! I hope your son will be okay. We just returned from getting our (almost) 8-year old from Bible Camp last night--he was there 3 days and I wanted to cry the entire time he was gone because I missed him so much and I was so worried about "what might be going on at camp that would make him not have a good time" instead of letting him "go" and just trust God. And regarding savoring life--yes, Kristy. I'm trying. I'm enjoying my summer so much because I'm not letting it just pass me by . . . I'm making the most of it. As always, you've encouraged me. Thanks!!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Kristy you are so beautiful... a beautiful Godly woman. I am glad your little guy is going to be ok and I am thankful for you... Jesus uses your blog to minister to others.... I receive fresh oil each time I visit...
God Bless You

Lori said...

I'm touched by your post and your love for your family and for our Savior. I'll be on Vaction until August 5th, 2007 but I wanted to check in once in a while to some of my favorite blogging friends post.

I'll be praying for your son and for mom.



Steffie B. said...

Wonderful post.....I so needed to read this....I have the same feeling about my son Daniel.....hugs to you!

Steffie B. said...

The hubs and I are spending the afternoon out on the laske w/o the chicklets. ;) They are slowly but surely on the mend!