Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The man and I.
( not sure why he's trying to look so studly )
( aHH! Where is my chin???? I promise, I really do have one!!)


Lori said...

What a very cute couple! It is so nice to meet you and see you up close.

Thank you so much for praying! I survived a very long few weeks and I know it was the power of prayer that got me through.

Kimmy said...

You're a great looking couple! I love seeing pictures of the people whose blogs I read . . . I like to visualize you as I read what you write.
FYI . . . I left a comment on my post about the Window Art procedure. I highly recommend this as a gift for either boys or girls.

Rachelle said...

Look at you two cute kids!!! Hope all is going well. Heard anymore about the SN group?

Beckyb said...

Love the picture - it's a VERY good one!!!

Lori said...

I know I'm visiting you twice in one day but I didn't have a picture of my adopted sister's until this evening. My mom sent me pictures from the graduation party that I didn't have a copy of. My older adopted sister is 10; she was from China. My younger sister is from Cambodia.

I know we are only blogging friends but I really can't wait to see that baby of yours. I'm keeping you in my prayers daily.

Robin said...

N i c e picture! I think you look kind of studdettely yourself. That's a word, right?

I guess I'll be back to somewhat "normal" blogging next week...we'll see how it goes. The ironic thing is I have so many things I'd like to write about, I don't know where to I don't :/.

Bye for now, beautiful :).