Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Around the place!

Warm Spring day fun!

We have been having fantastic weather around here!!
Yesterday, we had 3 friends come to hang out with us for the day (and give their mom a break !!),
This is my youngest little man, with his "best fwend".

And here is the result of having 6 kids playing "road" all day.

(if ya look real hard, you can count quite a few ride on toys ! ;o) )

.....and the results of having 6 eating lunch out on the deck!

We had a blast together ~

Now I'll let you go ahead and take a walk around my place and check it out....

This one above I just finished. This was meant to be a water feature, like 3 years ago......so instead of looking at a mound of dirt for another summer - I fixed it up!
(notice yet another car from playing "road"!)

Heres a few more.....

Thanks for stoppin' by! Enjoy today !!

Oh wait, there is one more. Update on the bunny situation; all is well. My daughter made this area for him. Very sweet.

*** I keep thinking of more things: I FINALLY got around to adding my blog list on the right. I've been meaning to do this for A LONG time! I'm not done, but at least I got it started !!


Robin said...

PRECIOUS picture of your son, but by the looks of things, I think all six had F.U.N. :) Especially picnicking on the deck.

Your "yard" is spectacular...I guess having a nursery has its advantages. What's the name of the tree/shrub in the next to the last picture? ALL your shots are beautiful, but me likey that one 'cause it's different.

Thankful your daughter seems to be grieving in a "healthy" way :). So sweet...you'll be glad you took that picture.

Amy said...

Your place is beautiful! I wish I had a big yard! I have no space at all! How nice for your kids!!!

Kimmy said...

What an amazing yard, Kristy! I wish I could get your help over at my place and figure out what to do with my trees, flowerbeds and plants that are just growing for whatever reason. This is our first spring/summer here, so I'm not even sure what's coming up.
Have a great day!

lori said...

I sure enjoyed our trip around your lovely yard today. I wish we lived closer too! It would be so much fun to fellowship with one another.



e-Mom said...

Your property is spectacular!!! Wow. It's huge. We live in the city, and I have a hard time keeping our urban property weeded, pruned, grass cut etc. You must have a crew of people helping you.

We lost a Japanese maple in our front rockery this winter, and I'll have to replace it (again). It's predecessor died two years ago. What's up with that?

Anyhoo, I loved the photo of your cute kids, and you have such a nice deck. I'd love to sit out there with you sipping lemonade. :~)

Enjoy the spring weather!!!

e-Mom said...

You've been tagged... come find out. Have a blessed weekend. :~)

Hugs, e-Mom

Lori said...

Happy Mother's Day,

Thank you for all your wonderful post and commnets.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Beautiful gardens you have. So sorry to hear about the baby bunny.