Friday, April 13, 2007

You never know

Every Thursday night, I get to lead a small group of girls in a youth program - it's actually a 'pre-youth group' for younger kids before they get old enough to go to the older youth group.
I've been doing this for 3 years (it's a 4 year commitment).
There are nights when I leave thinking "did they get it, tonight? Did they get anything?" But then; when I see them laughing together, or hugging (and hanging) all over me - which is what we end up spending most of our time doing, we're probably the goofiest group in that building because we are always cracking up - I realize;
They get it.
And, you never know; to think of their lives 15-20 years from now.....what will they remember?Every Thursday night I go in there praying that God will use me in their little lives, that I would only share His truth with them, and then only, only what He wants me to share.
You just never know.
But I know I sure love those little stinkers!!

I also ran into a dear-sweet-cutiepie friend of mine who goes to the same
Hairdresser as I do...........remember my " hd " story??????
She had just gone to see her, and the first thing hd told my friend about was the outdoor patio set that Kristy gave her and how she couldn't believe that I would do something like friend had it all figured out. She has invited hd to go along with her to go kayaking!! We are praying that between the two of us lovin
' on this girl; well, you know what God can do !!!!
Oh yea!

Hey all ! Make sure you have an awesome weekend!
Love you guys!!


lori said...


I know at times you’re not sure if they get what you are saying or if you are even making an impact in their lives. I want to assure you, one day you will see for yourself that you have not only made an impact but they will be leading a group of young girls of their own one day. I worked in our Awana program for 12 years; I took a little time off to spend sometime with my husband in a small Bible Study on Wednesday evenings. I am now back as a leader in our Awana program. The Director of my Awana group is one of the girls I directed when she was in our Awana program. It is just awesome to work under her and to see what the Lord is doing in her life.

Keep up the the awesome work you are doing for the Lord! Keep telling us about it, I love reading your posts.

I pray you have a great weekend,


Jewels of My Heart said...

When we serve Him, He is faithful.... even if they don't get it now you are planting seeds and He will be faithful to water them and shine upon them.... They will get it.
God bless you for your commitment.

Tanya said...

VERY COOL about the hairdresser! In the same way you don't know what God will do with a little gift like a patio set, you don't know what God is securing in the hearts of those girls. Many made an impact on me as a youth, but few know it. You may never know what "sticks", but God does and He'll reward you for even the invisible.