Thursday, April 05, 2007

It is a BEE-u-TA-FUWL day here in Oregon!!
ohyea uhhuh ohyea uhhuh!
We are heading out for the weekend, so I just wanted to wish my incredibly cool, you totally bless me, I think you all rock - bloggy friends, a
Blessed Easter!
**"Christ the Lord is risen today ~ Alleighlu-uuuuuu-ya !!'**
Okay, so just to rub it in a bit; we are spending Easter weekend at the BEACH BABY !!
Ahhh yes - I get to have un-interrupted time with the Man of my Dreams ( yes, you stinkers, that would be my husband - who happens to be THE MAN !) and 3 of the coolest kids (again - MY own !).
Oh yes - it's all good.
Have a wonderful weekend guys !!


Anonymous said...

I love it when you get excited, Kristy. You're sooo stinkin' cute!

Hope y'all have a FANTABULOUS weekend and a GLORIOUS Easter!

p.s. and thanks for your AMAZING email you sent to me...I've hardly been home since I got it, and when I've been here, computer time has been very limited. BUT...I'll get back with ya soon :).

Robin said...

Wait, that was me!!! How come it says I'm anonymous??? Dang it.

Kristy said...

....once again, Robin - I'm bustin' up over here.......

Jewels of My Heart said...

Have a wonderful blessed weekend.
Happy Resurection Day

lori said...

Happy Easter to you!