Thursday, March 15, 2007

This morning my wonderful friend Rachelle and her family, just found out that
next Friday
they will be on their way to China to go get Miss Ellie Grace!

I always rejoice when one of these families gets to bring home their precious little one!
Isn't God amazing?
Lord Jesus, bless this precious family as they travel to China to bring home their daughter!!


e-Mom said...

Thanks for the heads up! Woohoo! I've read Rachelle's journey on her blog from time to time, so I'll hop right over there now and congratulate her. The Lord is SO good. :~)

Rachelle said...

Thanks Kristy! Love the picture. Don't quite have all our travel plans back yet, but it actually sounds like we will be leaving Thursday morning. Can you believe it,......... so much to do!!

LIZ said...

That's wonderful news...they must be sooooo excited!