Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh wow

Sometimes perspective slaps you right in the face. I came across a blog this weekend, and I have not been able to stop thinking about it.
It really is a must read.
She is a precious young mother who is dying-who has amazing faith-
here, I'll let you take a little look from Amy's view:
We are heartbroken. This is not the news we wanted to hear. We wanted to raise our son, to grow old together, but God has different plans for our family. And as much as we don't understand them right now, we know that He is sovereign over this as well. Please pray for us, and for my family especially. My part in all of this is rather easy. I get to die and be with my Savior in glory. I get to miss out on all the suffering this world holds. It is my family who bear the grief and the pain day in and day out. It is for them that my heart breaks. Hold your loved ones a little closer for me today. Live life a little more -- wear your dressy clothes around the house just because life is really short and stains don't really matter. Don't get impatient about the little things. Someday we'll understand why.
Heaven is a favorite subject of mine, I do love to think about it - but it's hard to wrap my pea brain around it. She talks about Heaven as an upcoming vacation spot, reading about it.
I want Eternity to always be at the forefront of my thinking. It being why I do what I do-why I say what I say.
I pray that Amy touches you as she has me
(because, ultimately it's the Lord thats working here !)


Robin said...

Wow, Kristy....yep, a slap in the face. Makes my worries shrivel in light of her current circumstances. I was captivated with her story...I ended up (at least) skimming her entire blog. What a BEAUTIFUL attitude!

I didn't tell her, but a year ago last week I lost a dear friend to the same thing (she had battled it just over a year) it hits very close to home :(. I'll pray for Amy as I prayed for Anne...

Thanks for sharing the link.

lori said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I'll be praying for this family.

Rachelle said...

Makes me feel like my problems are very small. Thanks, for the reminder, that I have A LOT to be thankful for!

Amy said...

I think I'm going to wait and read this blog later. I don't think I have any emotional energy to even think of what they must be going through right now. I do think about death. Both Juergens parents are very ill. I've lost two friends, both younger then me to cancer. I have thought a great deal about death. Right now I'm trying to think about Sarah, and what I need to do to travel to China. Life is such a drama with so many highs and lows, joys and sorrow. I do believe Amy is right; it is really her family who must deal with the loss. If she has peace with God, her future is better!!!

e-Mom said...

Amy's attitude is amazing! Thanks for the link and your concern. She's been popping into my mind, so I've been praying for her.

I've lost two friends to cancer... such a tragedy for all involved. The Lord is faithful though, and makes His presence known in some surprising ways. Hugs!

Amy said...

We have lots of castles in will have to come! I live just outside of Heidelberg, and we have a pretty famous castle too.