Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'd have you all over to my house

I have been so blessed in my little bloggy world. I cannot believe the incredible women that I have met. Let me say that again, I cannot believe the incredible women that I have been privileged to meet.

So I want to talk about a few;

Amy in Germany : truly one of the most selfless women I know. I have come to know and love the person that God has made her to be.

Rachelle : someone who is not afraid to be open and honest with her fears and struggles and has taught me much.

Robin: a person who completely says it like it is, and I love that about her. She totally rocks in my book.

e~mom : oh my goodness. You are precious. I see you all over the blog neighborhood and where ever you go, you are constantly encouraging others.
These gals are only a few of the amazing folks that are a part of my world - there are so many more of you (watch out, your next !!)

God did something incredible in this humble girls life, when He gave me such a passion for people. I truly love people! I'm serious. It may sound kind of hokey, but I take my friendships (cyber & in my neck of the woods) very seriously. It's an honor to pray for you guys, and when I ask "how are you" - I really want to know! I have such a joy in my life that can only be attributed to God himself - and one of those joys are my friends.

You have all made a mark in my life. God has used each of you.
Blessings ~


Amy said...

I am very honored to be on your list! I look forward to meeting you in person!

Rachelle said...

Thank you for the kind words! I have learned so much from you too, and feel extremely blessed to have "met" you. I never even thought how God would use this adoption and blogging world to encourage me the way He has. I also have run across e-mom and have to say how encouraging and wise she is too!
Can't wait to meet you!!

wpusey said...

I was curious to what lead you to my blog and now I know. May God bless you in your journey!!!

I'm so glad that you was able to use "Straton's Story" for your youth. You are right, It is very powerful. I added another video and story about another Pastor from Africa named Walter that you might enjoy.

One last thing... do you like reading? There's a really great book named "Fields of the Fatherless" by C. Thomas Davis, that you might enjoy also. It's about God's compassion for the widow, orphan, and alien.

Be Blessed,
Scott <><

LIZ said...

What a lovely post! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my presently checking yours out and will be sure to come back.
Thanks also for the beautiful comments about my soon to be daughter Ava and my Fur daughters... my labs...I am partial to labs too....they make such good family pets...great with kids.

lori said...

I don't know the rest of these women but I must agree with you about emom. I think your pretty special too!

Robin said...

Kristy, YOU have been a BRIGHT spot this week. And I'm indebted to the 5 Minutes gals for giving us opportunity to meet :). Thanks for the lovely shout out, cause I'm feelin' the love from (and for) ya!

More soon....I'm off to the doc w/my youngest :/.

e-Mom said...

Just popped in to visit you, my new bloggy friend and Wow! what a happy surprise. Thank-you so much for your kind words. :~)) I have to say that you're a huge encourager yourself--takes one to know one, right?

Robin and Rachelle are favorites of mine too. I'm off to visit Amy in Germany immediately. (((Hugs)))