Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I cannot sleep. I always said if (when)I wake up in the middle of the night, I WOULD (will) NOT go online.


Here I am.

Oh well. So yes, I have been awake since 3:00am. I am totally a morning person. But not at 3:00am.

My hunk of burnin love will be getting up here in a bit. I've already made his lunch (yes, and I do that every morning, thank you.) and I just started the coffee........hey, why not?

I had to turn off the stinkin tv; not only is the crud they show sick in the middle of the night (how about all the time) but now is the time they show the sickest, freakiest movie advertisements. yikes.

I also like to use this time to pray. Yes - I wake up and stay up at least a couple times a week.

No use whining about it (you all don't think I'm whining here, do you?) - I'm just killing time. Hey! Throw some prayer requests my way - and in a few nights when I'm up again, know that your helping me pass the time!


Robin said...

Sleep deprivation will kill ya! I don't remember having difficulty sleeping until we moved to Tennessee 3 1/2 years ago; now, I go in and out of "bad" sleep patterns :/. I am RARELY productive...I NEVER clean! I sometimes read (online or books), I pray...I never cut on the tv, either.

Hmmm, I guess prayer IS productive, and actually, I've had some amazing "epiphanies" during the week hours of the morning.

So...prayer request? THAT I'M SLEEPING! I'm not kidding. I'll do the same for you when I wake up :).

At 4:28 this morning (when you posted), thankfully, I WAS asleep....then again, I had stayed up past mid-night to try to help force me to sleep :/. LOL, so I am still draggin' a bit today.

Rachelle said...

Do you realize when you were up at 3:00 YIKES a.m.......I still had 4 hours of sleep left! Praise the Lord!
Well, you know my prayer request, thanks for asking.
Take care my friend, and GET SOME SLEEP!!!!

e-Mom said...

Sorry you were wide awake at the darkest hour! What a good time to think about praying--and to flood your soul with peace. (Late night T.V. is so awful.)

Thanks for asking for prayer requests. I have a SIL in the hospital this week with an ulcerated colon. Next time you're sleep deprived, would you mind remembering her? Thanks so much.

Chaio for now! :~)

Amy said...

You can always, always pray for me...but I think you already do! You are the best!

LIZ said...

I'll throw in my prayer request that my TA comes soon...I'm getting so anxious and stressed waiting to hear something!

Kristy said...

Robin, Rachelle, e-mom, Amy and Liz;
consider it done!! (and on-going!)