Friday, March 16, 2007

Gotta tell you about a cool thing that happened yesterday.....
Okay, so earlier this week I got my hair done. We'll call my hairdresser "hd".
Hd and I are talking about all sorts of things, she mentions that she'd like to find an outdoor patio table set, but doesn't have a whole lot of $$ to spend on one.
Not real exciting, I know but read on......
Go ahead a few days and I'm on Craigslist ( oh yes ) and I find this patio set that had just got listed. It's in my local town, absolutely a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e, and only $40 bucks!
Table, 4 chairs, umbrella, and cushions.
Excitement is now started.
I call thinking " Oh yea, this can go out next to our pool" (which we've yet to purchase......uh huh)
Turns out I can't pick it up until early the next morning cause that's when I can get my man's pickup.
Here is the deal; as soon as I tell the seller that I'll be there to pick it up - "hd" pops into my head. Mmm hmm, you can see where this is going. ALL NIGHT LONG I keep going back and forth; should I offer this to her, should I keep it?
I already have a table set folks, we don't have a pool yet........I still go back and forth tho'...
This is heart of it all: my precious hd does not know the Lord, in fact far from it, and is struggling through a sad/yukky/messy divorce right now.
The next morning during my prayer time, I tell the Lord "okay, Your will here God, not mine - make it clear to me. She can have it, but if something doesn't work out - I'll keep it, alright? ;o)
Just make it clear, Lord"
I go pick this a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e set up without any problems ( for some reason I'm thinking seller will say " $40?, no no I meant $400 " I can be a dork sometimes) and then head to the gym. After we're all done, the kids and I are walking out to the pickup and GUESS WHO IS RIGHT THERE NEXT TO MY TRUCK(that has all the furniture sticking out)??? PARKED TWO CARS AWAY? IN THE PARKING LOT, FOLKS???????
At first I stutter"...uh....Hi, hd..." and then right away ask her if she wants this set, telling
her that I remembered our conversation.
She was in shock.
We even had an hour to kill, so the kids and I ran it over to her house.
NONE of this story is to lift me up here, guys. This is God Almighty Himself wanting this precious woman for His own. The kids and I pray that somehow that little patio set is going to bring a dear woman to salvation.
A place in Heaven.
Would you all please be praying for 'hd'.........
Ah - I love my Creator.
Have an awesome weekend, guys!


Amy said...

Great post!I can ot wait to hear what happens because of the patio set!

Robin said...

THIS is how it's SUPPOSED to be!! I LOVED reading this story...what a MARKER for your family's faith! I think you were blessed in the giving away more than your hd was in the receiving :).

So beautiful to walk in obedience to God's direction!!!

Can't give you enough exclamation points today :) :) :)!!! (or smilies!)

Wait! I wanna jump like in the picture below!!!

Kristy said...

Bless you, Amy!

Robin; WHENEVER I read something from you - I ALWAYS laugh out loud, even though I get strange looks around me.
Thank you.
Blessings to you both my bloggy friends!

Rachelle said...

Awesome story! God is always at work. Why don't we always see it. You are a sweetheart for giving it to her.

Jewels of My Heart said...

That is a wonderful story. I am sure Jesus will use this in ways you could not imagine.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am excited to share in your family's adventure in bringing home your little miracle.
God's Speed

e-Mom said...

This story brings tears to my eyes. What an awesome God we have, AND bless you for your faithfulness and obedience. I'd be willing to bet money the Lord provides you with a new patio et, and that pool you've been wanting, at some point in the future. OR maybe something even better... I pray your HD is so blessed by your love she considers the claims of Christ. Well done! :~)

Tanya said...

Wow. I totally relate to the difficulties of obeying. Sometimes we just don't WANT to!! Praise God for giving you the strength to do just what He required of you. I pray your hd will seek the Source of your love and generosity.

Tanya. (Hope you don't mind me stopping by ...)