Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Each has their own convictions, I guess

Last night in the car my little man (pictured here with a critter in hand) informed us that God does not want him to say the word 'booger' anymore.
Hmmm. He didn't elaborate either..........okay, then.
I guess we'll have to figure out another word to use instead of b**ger..........
Don't our kids crack us up?
In fact , you need to go visit Robin, and see what her kids have been up to (caution; you will laugh out loud).........
Have an awesome day guys !


Rachelle said...

Love the picture!! Have you gotten the last couple emails I sent you?? Just wondering.

Robin said...

I wish God would tell MY kids a few choice words not to say, lol (how 'bout "boogie" or the shorter "boog" or "bat in the cave" for the word you're no longer allowed to say?).

Kristy, if you only knew the stuff my kids do/say that I DON'T make time to write about...ai yi yi--parenting is the TOUGHEST job I'll ever love :).

p.s. Thanks for the linky love :).

e-Mom said...

I read "blogger" the first time I looked at your post... shows me how much I think about blogging! Uh oh.

Kids are funny aren't they!

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I think that Amy is such a special person and I truly believe in the power of prayer, especially when there are many voice calling on the Lord. I hope she gets her TA tomorrow.

lori said...

To cute! You have to wonder what was in his head?

I pray you have a great weekend with your precious family.


Jewels of My Heart said...

To Cute! How wonderful that He is already listening to God... You know He probably doesn't want us saying that word... it is pretty disgusting... teehee