Monday, February 12, 2007

(Our daughter - one funny kid!)

We went to a function at our church, and there happened to be this man there who made balloon......whatever you want to call it.......things. They were pretty interesting.

Nothing to terribly exciting to talk about - how are you guys? Hey ! Let me know how I can pray for you - Nothing I love doing more!
Have a great Monday !


Amy said...

I love the hat! Great picture!!! Send me a good love story,list of stuff you love, or why you love. Put it on my adoption forum and win a good large bar of German Chocolate. Ask around, maybe someone has a funny story! Juergen will judge the 2 day contest.He likes funny stories. I sent the post card today.It was so fun to go to the post office to mail those! I feel like I have found some wonderful new friends.Please keep praying for Juergens mom. Thank you!!!

Kristy said...

just me