Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh dudes......

Can ya feel it??!!

Are ya ready???!!!!?

Oh baby- this girl is in heaven ! We have always had dial-up service...yea, yea I know......lay off will ya? And yes, I DO own a cell phone, even an mp3 player too, okay? We're not that behind here in Oregon, alright? ;o)
I just can't get over this - I'm in a whole new world!
Check it out, I even watched a VIDEO .....yup. Not to mention it was an adoption video.
We no longer have to wait hours to play a game.
Amy in Germany - I can now view your amazing site without my computer burping you off!!!
(hey, that was funny)
Okay, and now are you all ready for the REALLY exciting part?? I can even sit on the couch and use my laptop.........I'm gettin the shakes now........I wish you could hear me, I am so stinkin excited!
and very easy to please, can ya tell?
I'll calm down now.
Hey all my awesome friends - have a blessed weekend!


Amy said...

"sit on the couch and use my laptop", I can't do that!!! Thank's for praying, I am feeling a little better!

Rachelle said...

Life is good!

Amy said...

Hi, I have a fund raising idea for you. I can make a design for you to sell on cafe press. It is no cost to you or work for just ask people to buy a t-shirt or hat or shopping bag, and you get the $. Cafe press will not let me sell stuff because I live in Germany. Also, we have enough money in the bank to pay for this adoption. My husband is in software, and gets pretty good bonuses. I would love to help you raise some money for your adoption. Let me know what you think.

Robin said...

Why did this remind me of my poocharella, Aussie? If you were a puppy, you'd be in full body wag right now ;).

Ummm, that just means I can FEEL your excitement in cyberspace!